Wednesday 23 December 2015

where are those brigands ?

The search for the brigands in the Sackwald continues, dismounted dragoons with some jagers move through the woods...

Scharfe and his small party had travelled back down from the deep woods and had just left the village of Eisern, when they ran into a small group of jagers ....
Jager: We've been looking for you sir. The area where the brigands are camping has been found
Scharfe: Great news, where ?
Jager: In the ruins about 10 miles north-east of the hunting lodge.   Another patrol is looking for a dismounted dragoon column .....

The woodsman agreed to take Lady Karolin back to the hunting lodge; Scharfe said his goodbye's and left with the patrol to join with the rest of the jagers.


 The brigand Hook and his crew had met up with his old friend Black Jack joining with him and his band. They had made their base amongst the old ruins in the outer woods of the Sackwald.

The brigands were a little uneasy in their forest hideaway, after some discussion Black Jack and the Hook decided to increase their number of look-outs.

[to be continued  - the jagers will take on the brigands - game report will be posted after Xmas]

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