Saturday 31 October 2009

All Hallows Eve

Due to a recent bumper harvest of pumpkins in the vicinity of the capital, the local traders had no idea what to do with surplus. With the local eateries selling pumpkin pie; traders selling pumpkin based face cleansers for ladies - there was still a large number of pumpkins left over. Some local thought it would be a good idea to carve lanterns with faces in the pumpkins (instead of the usual turnips) for All Hallows Eve. A fad for it swept the capital and even reached the palace. Here we see Prince Albert showing off his carved pumpkin to the rest of the royal family.

Saturday 24 October 2009

Monrovia - Commander of the Army of the East

I've decided to update the basing of the command staff figures for my armies. I eventually decided on using an octagonal base; below is the one for Monrovia's Army of the East. On the left is General Zortmund and the right his aid Colonel Sierpinsky (figs - Front Rank).

General Stricknein was commander of the Army of the East - I wonder what's happened to him ? Retired, demoted or what ?

Friday 16 October 2009

Watch Out Smugglers !

A super little skirmish game we played earlier this week, using 28mm figs.

For some time the smugglers on the river Oudear have been getting more and more brazen and confident. One group organised by Count Polesti, makes regular runs of contraband; the Count is becoming a very rich man on the proceeds. The smugglers normal route is to cross the river Oudear and drop off their contraband at the mill wharf near Kleinhaus. From there the goods are loaded onto pack mules and taken to Count Polesti's hunting lodge for distribution.

The authorities have received intelligence on the routes taken by the smugglers. One evening the Wittenberg River marines and a Dragoon detachment are set to patrol the river Oudear and one of it's side channels.


The smugglers boat approaches the mill wharf, Count Polesti's men are waiting ...

The pack mules are loaded up, and as they are about to depart another boat can be seen on the river, thinking it is a small revenue patrol boat, they decide to leave some men at the storehouse to take care of them if they get too close ...

The mule train sets of on their route inland ...

Too late the men at the storehouse find out that the boat is larger than they thought and is carrying two platoons of River Marines, a short fight ensues and some of the smugglers make a run for it ...

The patrolling Dragoon detachment makes a stop at the local inn, and asks the locals if they have seen anything...

The mule train heads along their normal route ....

The River Marines move inland keeping an eye out for more smugglers ....

The mule train reaches the bridge over the river Oudear's side channel, unfortunately for them they find the other River Marine & Dragoon patrols in their way ...

The leader of the mule train decides to force the bridge, a brisk action ensues, they almost make it across however they can't quite get past the River Marines ...

With more River Marines arriving in their rear the smugglers make a run for it. A couple get away, some are shot down and a few are captured along with the pack mules and the bulk of the contraband.

One of the surviving smugglers arrives at the hunting lodge, he gives the Count the small barrel of brandy he is carrying and runs of into the woods.

The River Marines first major operation has been a success, they move the contraband back to their boat and take it to revenue warehouse at Vanderhof. The smugglers will have to be more careful in future. The Count decides to leave for his estates in the Imperium and wait there till the dust settles.

Wednesday 7 October 2009

The King is briefed on the current situation

(my generic palace interior room, gets a new setup and some high ranking visitors)

The King, Count Munster and his secretary leave the royal appartments and cross the great hall. On his way through the King pauses to ask Brother James to supervise the packing and storage of the books in the library (which is about to be refurbished).

The King makes his way to the meeting room via the short gallery ...

The king arrives in the meeting room, the general staff have the maps laid out ready,

The briefing begins ..

General Brendinski: Welcome Your Majesty, we will bring you up to date on the current situation.
King Leopold: Firstly I want to know the status of the mobilisation of the army.
General Brendinski: The Boldavian army corps is fully mobilized and they are in their forward positions in Upper Belgravia. The Wittenland corps is continuing to muster, no more units are ready for action than last month. Guard Corps - only the Gardes Suisses are ready. We are being hampered by a shortage of cavalry mounts for the heavy cavalry - it would appear they are being bought up in large numbers by Prussia, Gallia and the Imperium.
King Leopold: What about the Monrovian army ?
Count Herman Munster: From our intelligence it would appear that only their Army of the East in mobilized and in position in Lower Belgravia; their Army of the North has not yet started to muster. They seem to have moved some troops from their Army of the West towards their south-west border - they seem to be making threatening moves towards Verre, Else and Noverre in an attempt to get them to sign treaties of alliance.
King Leopold: What about the Saxe-Jarlsberg border disturbances ?
General von Alpneck: Their have been a number of tit-for-tat raids across the border; so far Saxe-Jarlsberg seem to have the advantage. Troops in the border region are commanded by General Waldebeck and he has asked for re-inforcements. We are arranging for the rest of the Boritzy Freikorps to move south and also some regular troops as well. The Kings Jager Company was dispatched last week and has already helped with the destruction of one of the larger bands of brigands in the area.
King Leopold: Thankyou gentlemen, I have pressing business to attend to. A new consignment of hats for my collection has arrived and they need cataloguing.