Thursday 26 January 2023

Obtained some extra armed monks (a mix of Perry and Westwind), to add to the two I already had. The Brotherhood of Duhn can now appear in greater numbers ...

Sunday 1 January 2023

They Projects - Roundup of the Last Year and looking forward ....

A round up of my gaming projects, achievements for last year and plans for the coming year ...

The Kingdom Of Wittenberg

Last Year:

Finished off the Monrovia V Fenwick campaign 'Into the Bylandt', with a river raid..
Got the 40mm Begovian army read for the next campaign; had a short piece on the Begovians published in Wargames Illustrated 415 July 2022 issue Quick Fire section.
My favourite solo game played - the sedan chair race ...

Plans for this year: 

Develop the Brotherhood of Duhn and other pulp style games set in the 18th century. Figure out some scenarios and get the next instalment of the Begovian War onto the table.

Samurai - Sengoku Period (40mm)

Last Year: 

I've  played a couple of games; including a 'Seven Samurai' defend the village scenario. I wrote this up and it was Published in Miniature Wargames Sept 2022 issue.

Also part way through is the building of two small armies, all the figures have been cast and I'm about a quarter of the way through painting them all.

Plans for this year: 

Finish painting all the figures for the two Samurai armies. Hopefully by the middle of the year the armies will be ready and I can play some suitable games.

WW2: Somewhere in France & Somewhere in England

Last Year: 

In England a sequence of games extracting some German spies, a chance for a submarine pickup
For France added new scenics ( houses, vineyards etc.) A small selection of 28mm Germans and Resistance collected for small scale games.  A nice selection of games with French resistance actions played .... boom !
a closer look at one of the German big guns ....

Plans for this year: More of the same, the theme of the Guns of Nouvions will undoubtably continue.

Carry On Chaps

Last Year: 

Forces accumulated for a sort of early 1920's East Africa conflict; pulp games played on the 'Rule of Six' theme, with new villain Dr Weevil making an appearance.

A small set of pulp games about the pyramidion of Senusret ..
was written up and has been published in Wargamers Annual 2023.

Plans for this year: 

More in a similar vain - hopefully some action in East Africa with the Sultanate of Nambuzo and of course more thwarting of the evil plans of the Rule of Six - I'm aiming to do a Bond style evil villains lair game (a nice modelling challenge).

For Ye Kinge (40mm)

Last Year: 

played through a mini-campaign with WIttenberg gaining the Hoflandt. A few games involved with a nice selection of scenarios, I'll being do a campaign PDF.  From the big battle...

Plans for this year: 

I'll dip into the Polish-Swedish War 1626-29 and maybe the period of the the Deluge for some scenarios and play them through - can't have winged hussars resting in boxes ...

The Nothelm Chronicle

Last Year: Played a small sequence of games - Olaf Sigurdsen's raid.   The saxons attack the vikings camp ....

Plans for this year: Again a few suitable games with a suitable linked theme; maybe following the survivors from Sigurdsen's raid.

Medieval Knights (40mm)

Last Year: Initial set of figures completed for two retinues.  First game played, the two retinues clashed over control over a manorial estate ...

Plans for this year: No plans to make additions to the collection. I'll use the existing figures to play a couple of games - perhaps Robin Hood themed and maybe some about questing knights.