Friday 29 July 2016

Kings Birthday - Military Parade

One of the events in the calendar for the Kings Birthday is a military parade of the guards.

First some entertainment by the guard bands ....
Followed by a 21 gun salute carried out by the guard artillery stationed in the palace park land
 The King then rides out to inspect the troops, with a escort of the Chevalier Guard ...
 First the Leib-Grenadier Garde
 Then the guard cavalry ....
 Finally the Wittenland fusiliers ...
The King then returns to the palace for afternoon tiffin.

Saturday 16 July 2016


I've been slowly working my way through plastic animals from various sources.

28mm Mule Train

 I bought the 1/48 Pegasus Gold Miners set, the mules in the set are suitable for 28mm, whereas the figures are about 38mm in height and I'll make use of those later.  I decided to make up some sabot bases for the mules so their handlers could be swapped out. I cut some card board bases out and used some thin clear plastic for the underside
varying handlers for periods or sides means I don't have to make a mule/pony train for each
 shown here finished with some 18th civilian handlers
or military handlers...
Pegasus also do a 1/48 farm animal set which may be useful.

40mm Calves and Foal
 The animals from the plastic tubes (see previous post) were rather variable in scale; so the larger ones have been used to represent younger 40mm animals

Two were just about the right size for calves
 and one for a foal

Sunday 3 July 2016

Useable toy animals ...

Picked up a couple of tubes of toy farm animals today,
 tube contents ..
at £2.99 a tube worth it even though some are out of scale for 28mm but usable with my 40mm or 54mm. The donkey, cows and horse will be used with the 28mm, bit of basing work to do though.

Friday 1 July 2016

Saxon Army Uniform Reference 1730's

If you want information on the army of Saxony in the early 1730's then this book is the business ...
Book Info: Die Armee Augusts des Starken (the Army of Augustus the Strong), by Reinhold Muller, ISBN 30327-00229-0. (size 22.5cm x 20cm, ~115 pages).

The book covers all the units and organization of the army. There is an illustration of the uniform of each unit. Although written in german you can find the info you need reasonably well. A quick peek at the content (not the full illustration).. infantry regiment Sachsen-Weimar

I got the book yesterday and have been avidly perusing it; with the infantry and cavalry in red coats they could be just right for my project to re-build the army of the Duchy of Fenwick (the friendly next door neighbours to Wittenberg).