Saturday 19 October 2013

The King receives a new book ...

The King is wearing his new swivel gun hat today, the members of the court had politely commented how marvellous it was.

After receiving ambassadors in the throne room he had returned to the library to have a look at a book he had been waiting for which had just been delivered...
 He looked at the book with anticipation ...
Just as he was about to open it, Count Hermann entered the library. The King turned quickly (the barrel of his hat gun swivelled jauntily to the rear).
 King: Hello Count, what do you want ?
Count: We're due for a meeting with the Field Marshall to discuss the Villa Rondiso incident
King: Ah of course, I must have a look at this book for a while.

The King and the Count perused the book and agreed it was excellent, beautifully illustrated with many plates and line drawings.  After a short while they left the library to go and see the Field Marshall.

Thursday 10 October 2013

40mm: Prince August website sell semi-flats 40mm cast figs

Just visited the Prince August website - cast 40mm semi-flats (spun cast) only from Irish Wild Geese and Karoliner series are for sale


~£2.50 foot , ~£5.00 cav, gun ~£4.00 with discounts for multiple purchase of same figures: example advancing infantry - Buy 11 or above and pay only £1.53 each

Wednesday 9 October 2013

the Irregulars get some muskets..

Mlle Givenchy after a chat with Captain Scharfe has managed to obtain some muskets for her irregulars.

Conversions done using some spare plastic figure parts and a couple of Front Rank muskets - some painting to do though....
we'll see how they get on the next time they are on a 'mission'.

Sunday 6 October 2013

After Rondiso ...

After the incident at Villa Rondiso....

Following a lengthy chase Captain Scharfe and his jagers caught up with a group of Serrani's Marauders down the by the river Oudear; after a brief skirmish most of them were captured. The Grey Rider and some of the mounted jager corps assist with handling of the prisoners......


After the prisoners were put in the jail at Kirkhof, Captain Scharfe went to the St Barnabas's abbey hospital to see Mademoiselle Givenchy...
Cptn Scharfe: Nice to see you up and about
Mlle Givenchy: Yes, I'm much better today. We hope to go the capital tommorow, just waiting to see if my cousin will be able to travel.
Cptn Scharfe: I sure she will be fine
Mlle Givenchy: there are things we need to discuss, come walk with me in the cloisters .......