Saturday 28 April 2007

Monrovia - Line Infantry Regiment

Infantry Regiment no 2 of Monrovia during manouvres, some new pattern uniforms have arrived for the officers and musicians, other ranks are still in the french style (figures Irregular Miniatures, with 1 Elite Miniatures Officer (on left)).

One Tent put up, a few more to do yet

To make my tents I decided to use mounting board and paper. I'm using a robust 'frame', with paper covering. A tent in steps. Step 1, cut out the frame parts
Step 2 - assemble the frame and cut out the paper covering.

Step 3, crumple/distress the paper covering, flatten out again and stick on the frame
Step 4, paint tent with a light wash of beige colour, add some grassy green bits round the base and presto, ready for use

Saturday 21 April 2007

Wittenberg - Forces in Motion

To: His august majesty Leopold IV

The Guard corps has been instructed to mobilise and carry out manouvres. I have instructed the army corps of each province to come into a state of readiness. The Boldovian army corps is to fully mobilise.

To provide the corps of observation for Upper Belgravia elements of the Boldovian army corps will be used, namely:

Chevaux-Leger Cavalry Regiment
Converged Grenadier Battalion
Jager Battalion

These will proceed to Heidelheim in Upper Belgravia as soon as they are ready. If further cavalry is needed for patrol duty then a regiment of Uhlans can me made available.


Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel

Monday 9 April 2007

Unknown Visitor to the Summer Palace

Who is this visiting the King of Wittenberg ? Nobody is sure - there's a lot of rumours around the palace. (Figures: coach/horses from Minfigs, driver Front Rank, Footman converted Sash & Sabre)

Sunday 8 April 2007

Wittenberg to Mobilize

To: Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel and the General Staff

His majesty King Leopold IV requests that the army be mobilised forthwith. His majesty takes this step with the greatest regret but must do so to ensure that we are fully prepared, especially with the rising of tension in the region and the fact that other countries are also mobilizing.

His majesty specifically asks that a corps of observation be setup in the province of Upper Belgravia to watch the border with Monrovia and to help the local administration deal with with a rise in brigandage and highway robbery.

His majesty also directs that the army corps of the province of Boldovia be moblised first and the guard corps in Wittenberg to be brought into readiness.

signed Jerome Wittgenstein, secretary to His Majesty
A litle bit more detailed map of the Kingdom of Wittenberg showing the names of the provinces and their principal cities. Just in case the map is unclear in places, the city names are
  • Wittenberg the capital, in the province of Wittenland
  • Escherstadt, in the province of Vellovia
  • Reichenstadt, in the province of Gerundia
  • Landsberg, in the province of Tripavia
  • Hausenberg, in the province of Boldovia
  • Heidelheim, in the province of Upper Belgravia

Saturday 7 April 2007

Jagers for Monrovia

Courtesy of my new digital camera, some pictures of the newly mustered Monrovian jager battalion.

(figures are Old Glory AWI Hessian Jagers)