Saturday 30 July 2011

A horseless carriage ?

The King has left the museum and met Brother James who invites him down to the workshop of  the court inventor Georg Cantor to see his latest invention ...a horseless carriage
Madame Givenchy studies the drawings on the workshop desk ...
While Cantor explains the how the carriage works to the King and Brother James - apparently an application of a perpetual motion device to power the front wheel drive.

Saturday 23 July 2011

A visit to the museum ...

The older parts of the palace have been recently refurbished. The King is checking through with the archivist some of the items brought out of storage for the palace museum.
The items include:
- a collection of partisans, halberds and billhooks
- a dummy dressed with the early 18C uniform of a guard officer
- the silver Angsi of Namur (on the table)
- St Wigbert's relics in a casket
- A cabinet of curiosities
- The banner of the Bishop of Wittenland, last carried in battle at the end of the 17C
- The mummy of the Egyptian pharoah Rubbatiti
- An old suit of armour

Some closeup views of the room ...

 (scene backdrop constructed from some spare parts from my Pegasus gothic building sets)

Sunday 17 July 2011

Zomeverre - Hohenloe open its gates ...

The Monrovian forces invading Zomeverre having secured their position in the Vergessen valley continue their ponderous advance. They have reach the old walled burgh town of Hohenloe, the garrison of the city left the day before the arrival of the Monrovians taking a all spare supplies to the ducal army mustering in the north.

General Stricknein summons the town to surrender on pain of storm
 the burgomaster agrees - not wanting to see the town ruined - the gates are opened ...

General von Messing commanding the Ducal forces is awaiting re-inforcements from the Duchy of Fenwick before he moves against the Monrovians.

Sunday 10 July 2011

40mm: Tussle at Tottendorf

40mm figs skirmish game....

After the brigands raid on Apfelstrudel, a small force of troops was assembled to root them out - hearing that the brigands had establish a camp at the small town of Tottendorf, they set out. However their approach was reported to the brigands.
The brigands hold a short meeting to decide whether to fight or flee, they decide to fight (emboldened by their recent success at Apfelstrudel)
One group of brigands is posted at the bridge while another heads off to defend the ford over the river ..
The small Wittenberg force of some Boritzy Chasseurs and Kings Jager corps aproach the river ...
Captain Scharfe of the jagers falls wounded in the ford leading his mean across, initial brisk fire from the brigands forces the jagers back ..
Meanwhile the rest of brigands have left the town and are moving to reinforce the ford and the bridge ..
The chasseurs charge the bridge, the brigands just manage hold them ..
The chasseurs gain the upper hand at the bridge and the brigands fall back, while over at the ford the jagers have advanced and open fire ...
The chassuers are over the bridge and pursuing the brigands, at the ford the jagers are in a firefight with the brigands defending it ...
The jagers cross the ford in pursuit of the brigands who have made a run for it; the chasseurs drive home into the brigands who make a determined last stand ...
The chasseurs continue their fight, the rest of the brigands are now in full flight ....
The chasseurs reform, while their opponents have made a break for  it ...
The jagers try and pick off a few of the stragglers , while the mounted jagers chase the largest group of brigands ..
The Wittenberg forces move into the town and search all the houses, some of the brigands escape, including their leader, into the forest on the other side of the town.