Friday 26 July 2019

40mm Sculpt & Cast - sorting out and finishing off..

 After finishing the hussar I've been working on my 40mm sculpts. I revisited the mounted figures - Dragoon, Kuirassier and generic mounted Officer. A couple of fixes needed.

the Uhlan's coat and face has been reworked

Musketeer Variant, Musketeer Original,  New Fusilier and New Grenadier (easier to cast as figures - had problems with separate heads)

4 new sculpts replace ones I wasn't satisfied with 
-  Officer, drummer, standard bearer, NCO (pole arm to be added)

At sometime all of these will go into moulds (better finish other projects first :) )

Tuesday 23 July 2019

The King inspects the River Marines at Vanderhof ....

While a river marine patrol boat plies the waters of the river Oudear south of Vanderhof ...
King Leopold is on the outskirts of Vanderhof reviewing the river marine regiment..
Due to the potential threat from Begovian raiders coming up the river Oudear, the regiment has been brought up to full complement of 4 musketeer companies and a grenadier company, issued with new uniforms and new standards. After completing his inspection of the river marines and the defences round Vanderhof, he will be checking the progress of the building of the new river galleys.