Saturday 16 March 2024

Duchy of Fenwick - Hanover.. Cavalry Regiments...

Finally finished reworking the cavalry regiments ... riders all repainted, horses touch-in and new bases 

Horse Grenadiers  (mostly my home-casts, grenadier heads off some Jacdaw figures). Flag Kronoskaf

Cavalry Regiment 4A  (mostly my home-casts, officer & std bearer Eagle Miniatures). Flag Kronoskaf

Dragoon Regiment 8 (horses my home-casts, riders Irregular Miniatures) Flag Kronoskaf

All together ....

Saturday 9 March 2024

Square Bashing in Lower Rutenia ... Magazine Article.

The battle of Mintano with Wittenberg V Begovia from the last Begovian War has been written up and was published in April 2024 Issue no 492 of Miniature Wargames. 

Nice to have the 40mm imagi-nations armies in print. The article was a battle in itself, one of those ones which wouldn't coalesce into some semblance of order - I got there eventually.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Duchy of Fenwick - Hanover.. Infantry Regiments...

The changeover to Hanoverian units continues ...

1) IR9B Jung-Zastrow.   Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, standards from Warflag

2) IR13A Halberstadt.   Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, with Front Rank heads, standards from Warflag

3) IR 7A Wangenheim Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, standards from Warflag

4) IR 10A von Post, Figures mostly Crusader 28mm, standards from Warflag and Kronoskaf.

5) The converged grenadiers of the four regiments; figures mostly my own home-cast figures

that's the infantry regiments done, work is in progress on the cavalry regiments.