Sunday 18 October 2015

Saxe-Jarlsberg Army - reorganisation (3)

A couple more units completed for the re-organisation (PA home-casts) in their Brunswick uniforms.

Infantry regiment Von Zastrow

Detachment of garrison regiment Hadell (complete repaint of some of the old style mould marching figures)
Three units left to do: Dragoon regiment, IR Imhoff and the converged grenadier battalion. The infantry are all new castings, with the dragoons being a repaint - will be a while before these are done.

Saturday 10 October 2015

Saxe-Jarlsberg Army - reorganisation (2)

Two more infantry regiments completed, comprising PA figures.

The Leib Regiment (complete repaint of a unit which originally had a green-blue coats and light blue facings) 

Regiment Von Behr, reduced form 42 to 30 figs and drummers repainted.

Monday 5 October 2015

Saxe-Jarlsberg: The Army re-organisation has started ....

After the last unsuccessful campaign to gain ground in the Hoflandt Count Pottensdorf has initiated the army reorganisation. The Herzog is taking an active interest in this and has been busy inspecting two units, the Garde De Corps and the Volschen Fusiliers

[ the Garde De Corps, uniform as close as I could get with the figures being converted dragoons.

the Volschen Fusiliers, I bought two ~20 figure battalions earlier this year. They were nicely painted and I decide to create one thirty figure unit out of them, carefully painting up some of one battalion to match the others plus adding some new drummers and officers from the new PA prussian moulds]

Friday 2 October 2015

Palace Gardens - Inaugral viewing of the fountain ....

The King, Queen and members of the court have come to see the newly finished fountain at the rear of the palace...
[ A last visit to the palace gardens for a while, the palace gardeners will be busy over the autumn/winter designing the formal beds and ordering plants ready for planting in the early spring]

Thursday 1 October 2015

Palace Gardens - making the fountain

The outline sketch of the fountain and adjoining water ponds.
 The initial layout; side ponds will have a clear plastic surface and a central section using an up-turned table top (from an old Barbie Doll accessory)
 The central section initial build, water spouts from some plastic animal heads, the central pyramid is a small Italeri tank trap which will will hold a detachable fountain jet.
Central section with its initial paint job and the side ponds don ...

The central section completed

how I did the water effects:
- to do the side ponds the baseboard was painted an off shade of blue with a stippled wash of mid-grey with some thin clear plastic on top (stuck round the edges)
- for the central section
  • the circular area is a light wash of blue paint stippled with a large brush and left to dry with a three generous coats of acrylic gloss varnish on top. 
  • the water from the spouts is made a bit of plastic plant stem painted blue and white plus with some gloss varnish 
  • the bits trickling into the ponds are a small piece of clear plastic with a wash of blue paint and some white paint to indicate movement
  • water ripple effects - painted thin white in broken circles and then some gloss varnish on top
The central fountain jet has been made from a piece of thin wire with some thread and blobs of glue and will be painted white with a coat of gloss varnish - this will be in the next post.