Sunday 26 November 2017

40mm: Something a little different ....

For opposition for the Wittenberg 40mm army I decided on something different - something in an Ottoman style

Already cast are two units of my janissary figures (with conversions for officers)
in progress are some artillery crew converted from my TYW man standing/walking castings
Also I've been sculpting some figure masters to provide cavalry and infantry

A horse variant and a generic style spahi
 infantry - two marching and one advancing

I will be making moulds next, the first three will have these new sculpts in.

Monday 6 November 2017

40mm Sculpt & Cast - Uhlan

The last of the planned 18C 40mm sculpts done, the Uhlan. A basic figure but will do for me

Saturday 4 November 2017

40mm Sculpt & Cast - cavalry

three more masters now complete ...

the dragoon
generic mounted officer/standard bearer (shown with a sword temporarily fitted)
and a Kurassier (shown with a sword temporarily fitted)

one more master to do for the 18C, which will be a Uhlan; after that I have some additional 17C masters to finish. With all the masters done I will be making moulds and casting as I work on replacing the Wittenberg cavalry regiments and then units for new armies.