Wednesday 27 September 2017

Market Stalls

newly finished market stalls....

  • Stalls made of cardboard, hibachi skewers, cocktail sticks and some curtain lining fabric. 
  • A mix of items on the stalls, some home made
  • The market square cobbles are done using a home made paper sheet stuck to a cork tile
  • the stalls are designed for use with 40mm and 28mm, a little small for 40mm and a little bit big for 28mm.
  • Wednesday 20 September 2017

    40mm - Trial casts from new mould..

    Finally got the next 18C mould done,  the contents were
    -weapons (sabre, straight sword, pistol, 17C musket and 18C musket)
    -march attack musketeer
    -alternate grenadier & fusilier heads.

    Initial casts weren't too good, but the addition of some air vents solved the problems, some trial casts
    the heads don't come out with full detail every time; will do some more and see how it goes - overall I'm pleased with the results.

    Thursday 14 September 2017

    Wittenberg river marines - transport barges...

    Some of the boats for transporting cargo on the river Oudear have been purchased and adapted for the Wittenberg river marines to use as transport/landing barges; some are fitted with small swivel guns. The river marines carry out a river transport exercise near their northern base as Gugenstadt....
    [barges as constructed previously - see;  using rowers from the landing boats shown in the previous post]

    Monday 4 September 2017

    Wittenberg River marines - new row boats...

    The river marines,  try out their new row boats ...
    [Britannia Miniatures naval row boats with modified crews]