Monday 21 December 2015

Deep into the woods....

continued from the previous post 

Wittenberg troops have entered the outer woods of the forest - they have had reports from the locals of brigands being seen and some hold-ups and raids near the forest as well. The Kings jagers in a number of separate parties are trying to track down the brigands,


Meanwhile the Woodsman, Karolin and Scharfe continue their journey onto the woods

As they set out that day, the Woodsman told them a little of the forest. Most days it seemed just like any other forest, but as you went further up and further in - it had a feel to it - something magical in the air, a feeling of enchantment. Strange things were seen, there one day and not the next and so on. He had seen the forest change in a day - up a path through some fir trees in the morning, back the same way in the afternoon and they were oak trees around him instead.

After an hour or so they came across a small clearing, with a strange lamp
 The woodsman remarked that he hadn't seen the lamp since five years ago, they pressed on deeper into the forest. They stopped for lunch by a small stream. As they walked on Karolin looked back behind to see the flat trail they had been walking on appeared to be a steep hill.  In the mid-afternoon they reached a clearing, as they moved towards a rise a white hart appeared and stood in front of them blocking the way through....
Scharfe: What now ?
Woodsman: The White Hart guards the way to what is beyond.
Karolin: Can we go no further ?
Woodsman: Lady Karolin, the White Hart will not harm you, he will let you pass. Walk up past him and down the path beyond - you may find what you seek.

Karolin walked up past the White hart and down the pathway between the two big trees. After a short walk she came upon a valley with a fountain. As she stood there there was a sound in the undergrowth and a unicorn trotted forwarded and nuzzled her .....

After some time in the company of the unicorn Karolin returned via the pathway she had gone down and as she did so the White hart moved off into the forest. As the White Hart left the forest seem to close in on them...
Scharfe: What did you find in there ?
Karolin: The unicorn, in a beautiful little valley with a fountain. I was there for hours, I'm sorry you had to wait so long.
Scharfe: You've only been gone about a quarter of an hour.
Woodsman: I think we better go back now, the forest is closing in ....

The party set off back to the village, now that Karolin had completed her quest....


  1. A nice and interesting little adventure. Good use of various bits and minis.

  2. A magical tale.... many thanks. I really like the lamp in the forest. Very Narnian. The fountain reminded me of the Bristol Cross at Stourhead.

  3. A magical tale.... many thanks. I really like the lamp in the forest. Very Narnian. The fountain reminded me of the Bristol Cross at Stourhead.

  4. Charming, what a sweet "photo story", sir. Very nice.

    -- Jeff

  5. Thankyou all for you kind comments; I had a most enjoyable time doing the story - I was surprised how many bits and pieces I had gathered for my 40mm collection.

    Scharfe still has to deal with those brigands ....

  6. A wonderful tale! One never knows what strange or mystical thing may happen in the Kingdom of Wittenberg!

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