Saturday 29 December 2007

A Super Read

My Xmas present to myself (a sensible indulgence). I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's a new edition, with a rules summary included. I would like to use the rules or those from Charge.

I decided on a little project, use 42mm figs cast from molds (or purchased), to fight out little border patrol skirmishes.

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Saturday 22 December 2007

Christmas Greetings

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.

I shall be doing some painting over the Xmas period and most of important of all reading my newly acquired book the 'The Wargame' by Charles Grant.

The Battle of Faffenstadt 1740 - (third Belgravian Wars)

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

1) The Wittenberg forces:

The commander of the dragoons had deployed his troops, guarding the plunder taken on their raid of Haffenstadt and was awaiting the re-inforcements who were intended to garrison the town.

Commander of the Dragoons - Duke of Escherstadt
Cavalry: Schwarze Dragoner, Dragoon Regiment No.2, Leib-Dragoner Regiment.

On the March:Commander - Major General Stauffen-Wittendorf
Cavalry: Uhlan Pulk; Infantry: 2 Line Battalions; Artillery: 2 guns

2) The Monrovian Forces

The commander of the guards sent a fast rider to the garrison at Hildaburg, ordering them to rendezvous with him at Faffenstadt.

Commander - Major General von Rootsbeer
Cavalry: Leib-Garde; Infantry: Grenadier Guards

On the March,
Cavalry: Dragoon Regiment von Stiltwitz; Infantry: Fusilier Battalion Von Bulow; Artillery: 2 guns.

3) The Battle commences ...

Two regiments of Wittenberg dragoons has dismounted and were defending the orchard to the north of the town.
The Monrovian guards arrive and start their deployment ...

The Wittenberg Leib-Dragoner regiment moved into postion to protect the town from encirclement and charged the Monrovian guard cavalry ...

During the melee the infantry and artillery from the Hildaburg garrison arrives. The foot guards proceed to flush the dragoons from the orchard, with some help from the artillery ..

The two dragoon regiments defending the orchard taking heavy volley fire from the foot guards and also suffering casualties from the artillery decided that somewhere else would be a better place to be and took to their heels. The Wittenberg re-inforcements start to arrive ..

The LeibDragoner lose the protacted cavalry melee ...

The Wittenberg reinforcements arrived and a battalion was sent forward to attempt to re-take the orchard but found more than they bargained for ...

Both sides pull back, at the end of the day neither side has full control of the town, although Monrovia has the edge...

3) Afterwards

With the light fading and three dragoon regiments routed from the field, the commander of the Wittenberg forces, Major General Stauffen-Wittendorf, elected to withdraw taking the plunder from the raid on Haffenstadt with him.

The Monrovian forces exhausted by the long march and the battle decide not pursue.

When the news of the failure to hold Faffenstadt reached the commander of the Wittenberg forces in front of Pikastrudel, it was decided to withdraw and regroup.

The Monrovians were satisfied, although they had lost supplies at Haffenstadt they had seen off two attempts to secure a foothold in their territory.
Notes: We randomised the arrival of the 'On the March' forces, the Monrovian commander had some good dice throws - the arrival of his re-inforcements before those of Wittenberg made the crucial difference. Although if the Wittenberg Leib Dragoner had beaten their guard cavalry then things may have been different. The dismounted dragoons did reasonably well holding off the opposition for three moves. Overall a very enojoyable game.

Saturday 15 December 2007

1740 - Encounter at Faffenstadt (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

Its scenario time again; further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The Battle of Faffenstadt - 1740

The day after the Wittenberg forces had made their attempt to capture the small town of PikaStrudel, three regiments of dragoons which had crossed the river during the night made for the town of Haffenstadt, where the Monrovians had a magazine. The two companies of Monrovian garrison infantry found themselves outnumbered and surrendered. The Wittenberg dragoons stripped the magazine of supplies and loaded up mules and carts; before they left they set the town alight.

Meanwhile at Pikastrudel the Wittenberg troops had crossed back over the river and setup a large artillery battery of heavy guns and mortars and were bombarding PikaStrudel and the Monrovian infantry to the front of the town. The Monrovians could see from the Monastery tower of Pikastrudel that additional Wittenberg troops had arrived on the other side of the river.

Hearing of the Wittenberg actions at Pikastrudel the Monrovian General von Stricknein moved his army up to the east of the town and called for re-inforcements. As he arrived he heard of the raid on Haffenstadt. He sent orders to the Guard cavalry and infantry who were on the march to Pikastrudel to attempt to intercept the Wittenberg dragoons.

Meanwhile the Wittenberg dragoons had reached the town of Faffenstadt, following their orders, they were instructed to wait there till joined by an occupying force on the march from Wittenberg.

A day later as the dragoons stood to waiting for their re-inforcements, the Monrovian guard troops arrived ...

42mm Diorama - IR Everfeldt

Another one of my 42mm dioramas, this time a Reicharmee unit from Franconia, IR Everfeldt

A closeup of the flags and mounted officer

Figs are cast from Prince August moulds, mounted officer is a modified Irregular Miniature one. I've got enough cast figs for another diorama, plus just enough metal left to cast a battalion of grenadiers.
I always enjoy a change of fig size and the casting process is great fun (but sometime a little frustrating).

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Wittenberg - Palace Gate Sentries

Currently on duty are some grenadiers from the Garde Suisses. A trial paint of some sample Austrian figs from Irregular Miniatures. The uniform is that of Garde Suisses from the Duchy of Saxony in the early 1740's, but I decided on Austrian style grenadier headgear.

Saturday 8 December 2007

Wittenberg - Heavy Dragoons

Fresh from their spray of varnish ...

Uniform is based on that of the Saxony Dragoon regiment Graf von Bruhl. [figs : Front Rank]