Saturday 27 October 2007

Wittenberg - Line Infantry (IR 11)

The first of the line battalions finished.

My figs orders have arrived, another line battalion and a cavalry regiment to paint for Wittenberg. These 2 units will brings the Wittenberg and Monrovians armies to the same size; although 2 more line battalions are planned for each army; then the secondary states .....

Anyway the next thing on the painting list is my mounted cavalry band.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Uniforms of Saxe-Jarlsberg and Hesse-Limberger

These two small states to the south of Monrovia, are bound by treaty to supply troops in time of war. The treaties specifies Saxe-Jarlsberg to supply a regiment of dragoons and some artillery; Hesse-Limberger to supply two Infantry regiments. In return Monrovia guarentees their sovereignty and promises to come to their aid if they attacked.

Hedges ?

I recently got some plastic hedges, after doing some checking I found out these are Merit ones.

They are just about the right height, so I'll base them up for use and possibly dull the plasticy finish down a bit.

I've nearly finished the next Wittenberg infantry battalion; so piccy to come soon.

Saturday 13 October 2007

Duchy of Fenwick - Uniforms

Recently a small force of the Army of the Duchy of Fenwick have been mustering, some say they are troops being raised for service elsewhere; they could be troops which are going to be sent to join the League against Stagonia in the defence of Freistadt Tippelbruder. However the force is bigger than that which had been promised - maybe some other country has requested mercenary troops.

The above uniforms are based on the Legion Brittanique of Hanover.

[uniform templates from]

Wittenberg - Mystery Visitor to the Palace

The mysterious black carriage has again been seen, this time leaving the Kings summer palace.

Scene: Kings private drawing room. Enter the Chancellor - Duke Albert of Wittenland.

Chancellor: Your Majesty, I really must protest ! What is going on ? The privy council wishes to know the identity of the persons in that carriage; they visit frequently. How can we advise you if we do not know what is happening ??

Count Hermann Munster: please sir, calm yourself

King Leopold: Albert, come sit here and let us try to allay your fears.

Chancellor: I'm sorry for my outburst your majesty but there are so many rumours circulating at court. The visitor(s) always leave the carriage, wearing masks, and are ushered into your private appartments no-one will say anything of what's going on. You're not dealing in secret with Monrovia are you ?

King Leopold: Certainly not, we would not entertain the thought of talking with Monrovia, except through the normal diplomatic channels.

Count Hermann: We must currently keep the visitor's identity secret, we are in the final stages of very delicate negotiations.

King Leopold: If the identity is known before we finish, then it would be endanger the completion of an alliance that will benefit our country greatly. The visitor left today, to confer with his advisors one final time and is to return shortly to complete the agreement. You will be invited to this next meeting.

Chancellor: Thank you for explaining the situation, I look forward to meeting the visitor and finding out his identity.

Count Hermann Munster: I am sure you will be surprised at who he is and the nature of the agreement ...

Saturday 6 October 2007

Wittenberg Corp of Observation on Manouvres

The copr of observation are doing ariver crossing exercise ...

Closeup of infantry getting ready to cross the river; the grenadiers are heading for the ford, looks like they are going to get their feet wet...

Jagers crossing the pontoon bridge ..