Sunday 29 August 2010

Mill - River Section

It took some time to finish the mill and its river section off, as I had to figure out how to stick the painted clear plastic water sections to the base - eventually used double sided carpet tape. Instead of scatter I used some dolls house grass sheet. Some shots of the the completed mill river section ....

Saturday 28 August 2010

Water Carts and Jager Conversions

Finished the water cart for my 40mm collection, which was based on a 'O' guage model railway accessory and a spare plastic horse; thought the 25/28mm lot deserved one too so made one up using a Jacdaw french limber set for parts, barrels from the spares box. 25/28mm water cart on the left  40mm one on the right.

The Wittenland corps of the Wittenberg army will be having a Jager battalion, to start off the muster I've converted some spare 25/28mm figs (Foundry/Jacdaw), using some plastic arms from Perry napoleonic dragoons. The intention is to have the bulk of the battalion from standard castings plus these ...

Saturday 21 August 2010

Wittenberg - Infantry continue to muster...

Another infantry regiment from the Wittenland army corps has finished mustering and is just going through their final inspection.
[figs : New battalion - Officer Jacdaw on Foundry horse; officers/ensigns/drummer from Irregular Miniatures; rank and file from Front Rank figurines]

Saturday 14 August 2010

Buildings and a Water Wagon

I've been working on some buildings and a couple of modelling projects in the last week

Some refurbished HO (1:87) buildings (obtained during the last year from local Toy & train fairs) - they've had a repaint where needed and larger doors added, printed on thick paper from images garnished from the internet, so the 25/28mm figs don't look out of place when near them.
This lovely mill is from the Bachmann Scenecraft range.  I'm currently trying to decide how to fit it in with my river sections.
And lastly the water cart for my 40mm collection is ready for painting, after some work putting harness on the plastic horse with green stuff.