Monday 29 September 2008


I've had a number of comments about backscenes/backdrops I used for my photos (and on the back of my gaming table).

On the photo backdrop I used :
PECO SK-32 Country Landscape - MEDIUM 178mm x 559mm (7in x 22in)

I've also used for my gaming table:
PECO SK-19 Sky Background (clouds) - LARGE 228mm x 736mm (9in x 29in)
PECO SK-28 Sky Background (Clear) - LARGE 228mm x 736mm (9in x 29in)

There are a number of others available from Busch, Vollmer and Faller which may be useful too. A nice one is the Busch CountrySide (BU 2872), this is 198x34cm in size though, link to image

PECO is a UK model railway supplier. It may be you have to search on the Internet for a stockist which will supply them in your country. If the following link works you can see the range I usually select from, (GaugeMaster do ship overseas).

Hope you've found this info useful

Saturday 27 September 2008

40mm - Wagons and Carts

Firstly two wagons, the one on the left I finished a couple of months ago, this was scratch built from card on a wheelset of a gypsy caravan. - the horse is a small 54mm one. The one on the right is new - horse and parts for this were sourced from a toy bits box at a car boot sale.

Two carts below, these are modified ones from a farm playset bought at Woolworths (£1.99 each). The wheels have been replaced and moved more to the centre of the cart.

The 'wagoneers' and the contents of the carts and wagons have been made as neutral as possible so they can pass for 18C or act as baggage for my 17C ECW armies.

40mm - Militia

The militia from Upper Belgravia, 'His Majesty's Loyal Belgravian Legion', has completed its muster. They could be used as militia for either side in the skirmish games. Also they are split up into groups of 5 or 6 to act as bands of brigands/deserters.

[Figs: Mostly from Front Rank AWI range, with a few Irregular Miniatures and a couple cast from N├╝rnberger Meisterzinn moulds]

Saturday 20 September 2008

Duchy of Fenwick - preparation for muster

Some senior officers have just arrived to inspect the muster camp for the Wittenberg Legion.

The artillery have already arrived and are doing some target practice. There are also a few recruits for the infantry. A closeup of the staff and officers ..

[Figs Artillery and Infantry - Irregular Miniatures; Foot Staff - from Old Glory AWI Command staff pack, Mounted Officers from the Old glory AWI Foreign General pack]

Friday 12 September 2008

40mm - Saxe-Jarlsberg Infantry Regiment

Count Pottsendorf reviews the Saxe-Jarlsberg infantry regiment.

All figures are cast from Prince Agust moulds except the mounted ones which are converted Irregular Miniatures figures. I've been painting the regiment in batchs of 12 figures (1 company). The grenadiers are converged with those from another unit, I cast half of these so a bit more work to do.

Wittenberg - General Staff

The Wittenberg genral staff in discussion. Since finishing my tent I've added a couple of figures (two sentries, officer sitting on barrel and officer pointing) and table from the Old Glory AWI command staff pack.

I have figures left from the pack, plus also the Old Glory AWI foreign generals pack. After a quick sort out I've enough for the staff of Monrovia; with some left over for the staff of the Duchy of Fenwick and Saxe-Jarlsberg.

Saturday 6 September 2008

40mm New Additions - Jagers and Artillery

More 40mm figs for my skirmish games. First up - Saxe-Jarlsberg jager company [figs made from Prince August moulds ]

I'm trying to keep all the infantry for Saxe-Jarlsberg as Prince August castings.

Next the Wittenberg jager company [figs made from N├╝rnberger Meisterzinn moulds with command figs from Sash&Sabre FIW range]

Finally some new Wittenberg artillery crew [figs made from Creartec moulds and gun from Irregular Miniatures]
I'm working towards the next 'skirmish' scenario in the 3rd Belgravian wars. I have a few things to finish off including a full regiment of infantry 50figs strong, one company of 12figs left to paint.