Thursday, 3 December 2015

Farm buildings (WIP-1)

I've been working on some farm buildings.

I started by laying out parts from some old TSS 28mm buildings which I had dismantled ....
 first assembly of the parts and some extra walls made using foamboard (40mm fig+horse shown)
 one end of the larger building gets some steps up to a storage loft (28mm fig shown)
 roof made out of cardboard ....
 adding tiles to the roof, slow work but worth it
after starting with single tiles I started making my own tile strips, tricky cutting the paper strips with small scissors but worth it - much quicker.


  1. My tile method is to lay overlapping strips, working from the bottom up, and offsetting the tiles in a brick pattern. The strips are partly cut along each tile, and to give a more 'tile-like' effect, I clip the corners of each tile. The effect isn't especially realistic, but gives the right kind of impression (I think). If you have corrugated cardboard, that makes great tile work of the type you see in Mediterranean regions.

  2. I tried both methods- an found single tiles actually easier- I could never get the strips quite right. Mind you most of the buildings I scratbuilt are now over 20 years old..... still using them in the approriate periods....