Thursday 17 December 2015

Stopover at Totsdorf...

continued from the previous post...

Late in the afternoon the coach stopped in Totsdorf. The officer commanding the escort explained they had made a detour to avoid any potential threat from bandits which had been reported in the area; Black Jack and his crew had already held up one coach and there were rumours that the Hook was in the area too.  They stayed overnight at the local coaching inn, Karolin found the inn's name of interest it was called the Unicorn - a sign perhaps that she was on the right road for her quest to find a real unicorn.
 The next morning Karolin and her maid went for a walk around Totsdorf before setting off on their journey again; they went round the small market square and stopped to look at some pigs, their owner was in conversation with a passer by...
Passer by:  What you be doin' with they pigs Georg ?
Owner: Ah well, this-un's going to be sold at market, this-un's we's gonna keep for breedin', this-un's we's gonna to fatten up for Xmas dinner, this-un's we's gonna give to our cousins and ..
Their was a commotion in the pen and one of the pigs escaped and made a run for it ....
Passer by:  Looks that that-un's making a run straight for your farm ...
escaped pig: wee wee wee (I'm off home)

[where are these series of posts going ? I have no idea ....  :) ]


  1. The story is progressing at a record rate.... are you on holiday now?!

    1. Currently having a break from work, so this story and other projects are progressing faster than usual.

    2. Good for you (and for us, reading the blogs).

  2. where are these series of posts going ? I have no idea .... :)

    Sometimes those are the best kind