Saturday 21 September 2019

Monrovian Army - refurbishment

The Monrovian army has been languishing in its storage boxes for a long while. I thought it was time to get them out and give them some much needed refurbishment. The aim to bring the core of the army to be a better representation of that of Hesse-Kassel during the SYW.

All the bases are being tidied up and repainted with a green colour that matches better to my table cloth surface.  As each unit's bases are done, any repaint/repair to figures is done as well

I started with the cavalry, all units (apart from one) were in reasonable condition and were easy to finish off.  Hesse-Kassel units are the Hussars, Garde de Corps, Miltitz, Prinz Wilhelm, Leib-Regiment and the two dragoon regiments
 One cavalry unit was in a poor state, so I melted down the figures and cast up some of my generic cavalry - they were painted up as Pruschenk
 The artillery received new cannon (Reiver Miniatures), plus some scratch-built limbers ...
 The bulk of the infantry were not in a good state at all and were not a good match to Hesse-Kassel in the SYW apart from the Jagers, Guard Grenadiers and a fusilier regiment; a couple of other units were retained to represent allies of Monrovia.   The Jagers and an allied regiment
 All the other infantry has been melted down and cast as my generic march attack infantry, the officer and command figures have been retained. So I have a  five units to paint to complete the refurbishment, work is in progress on the first regiment Haudring....
it'll take a while to finish the infantry off....