Friday 28 March 2008

Monrovian Line Battalion

It's those dastardly Monrovians again; I've now completed three out of the four line battalions originally planned.

[figs: Old Glory Marlburians; command Old Glory French and mounted officer Hinchcliffe]

Monday 24 March 2008

Saxe-Jarlsberg & Hesse-Limburger revisited

Saxe-Jarlsberg & Hesse-Limburger are small states who are allies of Monrovia. Monrovia and these two states are well known for the production of excellent cheese; the Wittenbergers often refer to them as the 'Cheesey' alliance.

Saxe-Jarlsberg & Hesse-Limburger are contracted by treaty to supply a small number of troops; but Monrovia can call on additional forces if desired (and if they are available). The Monrovian high command considers these troops as second rate and uses them mostly for garrison and supply line duties; sometimes detached companies of infantry regiments are used for cross border raids.

The forces of Saxe-Jarlsberg:

The forces of Hesse-Limburger:

Note: The uniforms and flags are based on Reicharmee ones.

Friday 21 March 2008

A platform with a view

The carpenters have been busy again in Wittenberg. This time the King has requested a portable viewing platform to be used by the Queen and other members of the court for troop reveiews and other special occasions.

[Viewing platform is made from odd bits of cardboard and foam board]

Saturday 15 March 2008

40mm - Wittenberg Garrison Company

A company of garrison troops on the march to meet up with a detachment of jagers. These boys will be used in a skirmish game - which will involve them trying to find and eradicate brigands in a wooded area.

[Figs: Foot Officer - Front Rank; Mounted officer and Standard Bearer - cast from moulds; the rest Irregular Miniatures].

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Wittenberg - Sentry Boxes for Palace Gate

As I've had a bad back for the last few days, I felt wanted to do something. So dosed up on painkillers, when I could sit at my modelling desk, I needed an easy project - so I decided to do the sentry boxes for my palace diorama. These were made out of scraps of cardboard, I went for a simple colour scheme red with black stripes - which goes rather well with the sentries' uniforms.

Wednesday 5 March 2008

Wittenberg - the 'package' crosses the border

Scene: The King of Monrovia's Council Chamber, the Chancellor and the King Francis III of Monrovia are in discussion ...

King: You have the report from our spy in Wittenberg ?

Chancellor: Yes your majesty, a most interesting report, let me read it to you ..

Recently I was in Alt-Dittersdorf, a border river crossing into the Duchy of Fenwick. There was quite a commotion as some Uhlans entered the town escorting a black coach. I was in my room at the tavern which overlooks the bridge and was able to see what happened.

The back coach stopped on the Wittenberg side of the bridge. The uhlan escort forming a perimeter, keeping on-lookers at bay. About 15 minutes later the complete regiment of the Fenwick Horse Grenadiers of the guard arrived on the other side of the bridge. Their commanding officer dismounted and walked to the centre of the bridge. A man got out of the coach, I recognised him as Count Hermann of Munster, he walked onto the bridge and greeted the officer; they entered into a discussion. I managed to overhear some parts of the conversation, but nothing of consequence apart from the Count asking the officer - 'You will take good care of the package ?' to which the officer replied 'You have my assurance that the package will be well looked after'. The officer followed the Count back to the coach and checked that a large padlocked chest top of the coach was secure; then he opened the door of the coach and had a brief conversation with the occupants.

The officer walked back over the bridge and mounted his horse; the Count got back into the coach. The bugler of the horse grenadiers 'sounded off', the coach then crossed the bridge. The Horse Grenadiers formed up to the front and rear of the coach; which then set off along the road towards the capital of the Duchy of Fenwick. The Uhlans departed immediately. I asked around the town but no-one new anything about the black coach not even the troops at the border post.

King: Do you have any idea what this could mean ?

Chancellor: Only that that Count Hermann of Munster is involved in a lot of things, he is the main roving ambassador for Wittenberg. But the large escort for just one carriage, it doesn't add up.

King: Do we have anyone in Fenwick who could tell us where the coach went?

Chancellor: Not really - all we have there is our ambassadour and a delegation trying to negotiate a treaty - I'll get them to make some discreet enquiries.

King: My cousin King Leopold of Wittenberg is up to something, I can feel it. He always finds ways to annoy or out-manouvre me. (the king was getting visibly agitated)

Chancellor: please calm down your majesty.

King: Damn Leopold ! Find out what is going on ! (the king then stormed off to his private rooms).