Sunday 20 December 2015

the Woodsman and onto the village ...

continued from the previous post (my strange Xmas sequence of posts continues...)

The little party set out on on their quest into the forest; Scharfe new roughly where the Woodsman would be and they made good time. After about an hour Scharfe recognized the part of the forest they were in and remembered someone who could help them find the Woodsman - they would go and see Big Hans. They arrived at a small house in a little clearing and Scharfe called out 'Are you there Hans?' A little fellow scurried out of the house and jumped up onto a rock waving a small sword..
Big Hans: Who are ya and what do want ?
Scharfe: Remember me Hans - Johann Scharfe, I haven't seen you in a while
Big Hans: Ah young Scharfe eh, aye its you. Haven't seen ya in near 5 years. You're a big lad now eh, What can I do for ye?
Scharfe:Lady Karolin is on a quest to find a unicorn; I thought the Woodsman would be able to help us best, where is he at the moment?
Big Hans: You'll be wanting to go up on the path to the left, about quarter of an hours walk.
Scharfe: Thankyou
Big Hans:  Good luck on your quest Mi'Lady. You'll have to go further in and further up into the forest to see a Unicorn if he's around.

The party took their leave of Big Hans and followed his directions up the path on the left until they arrived at the Woodsman's house.
The Woodsman hearing their approach, turned form cutting wood and Scharfe made introductions; the Woodman, always helpful, agreed to guide them (for a small fee). They stopped for a short while for lunch while the Woodsman packed his kit and then they set off for the village of Eisern .....

 Meanwhile elsewhere in the forest....

Karl: Whats for dinner ?
Trudi: Porridge with nuts
Karl: Oh not again, I'm off to see if can find something more interesting ..

Karl wandered off through the forest looking for something more tasty and sweet to eat. After a while, late in the afternoon,  he wandered into the small village of Eisern to see what he could scrounge up...
Karl: Excuse me do you have anything you can spare, a pie, a cake or some milk and cookies ?
Old woman: No ! Away with ya !

Karl walked on into the village and met the Woodsman with a small party of strangers
Woodsman: Good afternoon Karl ?
Karl: Hello nice to see you, couldn't spare any food could you ?
Woodsman: On the scrounge again then ?
Karl: Yes, all I get is porridge and nuts, I wanted something a little different
Karolin reached into her coat pocket and offered two biscuits to Karl
Karolin: Here you can have these
Karl: thank you. Oh I saw a group of strangers in the outer woods yesterday - one of them had a hook for hand, looked a rum lot - best keep on you watch
Woodsman:  We'll do that.......
After saying goodbye to Karl they walked on up to the tavern where they took rooms for the night.


Pierre le Poilu said...

Thanks for sharing (big smile on my face)

Springinsfeld said...

Each picture is a lovely little scene.....looking forward to more.