Saturday 30 January 2016

Saxe-Jarlsberg Army - reorganisation (5) - Dragoons

Count Pottensdorf, resplendant in his new uniform and hat, has been joined by the Herzog and general staff to review the re-equipped dragoon regiment....

[Count Pottsendorf - has had his right arm repositioned to hold a commanders baton, a new head and new uniform.
The dragoon regiment - repainted with uniform in the style of the Brunswick dragoons from early 7YW].

Friday 29 January 2016

Uplifting some HO Buildings...

Decided to rework some of my HO buildings so they work better with 28mm figures. Three of my buildings needed doing -  adding larger doors and doorsteps, for an archway I raised it up about 20mm to allow a mounted figure to pass through - I made the changes using some thin cardboard

 To finish off I did the minimum painting, although one had the lower stonework brought out by dry brushing with medium brown colour; here they are placed on some Metcalfe cobbled sheet.
 The enhanced buildings used with some others to start the build-up of a little bit of a 'street scape' ..

Friday 22 January 2016

The King reviews the friekorps infantry ....

King Leopold of Wittenberg has taken a break from his usual duties and has travelled to the Hoflandt to review the military situation in person and to discuss the request from General Waldebeck for more regular troops to be deployed. After passing a couple of days at Vanderhof, he has gone to Hofheim to review the infantry of Count Boritzy's friekorps. Only the chasseurs and grenadiers are present as the pandours are on border patrol duty.

The King arrives with General Waldebeck and his staff....

 and inspects the chasseurs ...
 followed by the grenadiers..
after the review the King returns to Hofheim for a hearty lunch and discussions with General Waldebeck.

[New- King Leopold in 40mm - a spare miscast horse and rider fixed up with some green stuff. In addition the infantry battalions have been brought back up to thirty figures with new 2 figure officer vignettes]

Friday 15 January 2016

Saxe-Jarlsberg Army - reorganisation (4)

some new additions to the Saxe Jarlsberg army

Infantry regiment Von Imhoff
The converged grenadier battalion of the 4 musketeer regiments