Tuesday 24 July 2012

Encounter at Wendelshaus ....

At a small hamlet of Wendelshaus near Ziegenfeldt, a Saxe-Jarlsberg dragoon patrol falls back after running into a detachment of Wittenberg jagers ....

The movements:

  • Wittenberg: General Waldebeck had marched his troops hard, left the main road and moved towards the centre of the Hoflandt aiming for Ziegenfeldt.

  • Saxe-Jarlsberg: Count Pottsendorf had secured Montberg and ensured supplies were brought up, this caused some delay; not finding the Wittenberg troops on the road to Marienstadt he had swung the army north.
  • Thursday 19 July 2012

    On the march ....

    The Wittenberg army has left Vanderhof and is now marching towards Marienstadt, a mounted jager arrives and updates General Waldebeck with the latest postion of the enemy forces...
     Saxe-Jarlsberg troops are to the north of Montberg ..

    A map of the campaign area in the Hoflandt showing the principle towns/cities and the routes of march of the opposing forces..

    Sunday 15 July 2012

    Wittenberg troops leave Vanderhof

    As the troops spill out of Vanderhof, Colonel Waldeback and staff ride forward to organise the column of march..

    [Figs: from my 40mm collection, mostly home casts from Creartec moulds, with some Front Rank and Irregular Miniatures]

    Saturday 14 July 2012

    Trouble on the South-West Frontier

    Saxe-Jarlsberg hussars cross the border into the Hofland at Karlebach, the rest of the army is not far behind

    Their movements have not gone un-noticed, at General Waldebeck's headquarters in Vanderhof .....
    Urgent despatch for General Waldebeck

    General Waldebeck: Well gentlemen the Saxe-Jarlsberg forces have crossed
    the border; assemble the army - we march tommorrow morning.

    Wednesday 4 July 2012

    View Halloo ...

    Count Pottsendorf, the Saxe-Jarlsberg commander, takes a break from organising his upcoming campaign and goes hunting - the fox is sighted ...
    [I bought a couple more hounds from an O Gauge model railway accessory range to add to my pack of hounds - they fit in well with my 40mm figures]