Saturday 20 April 2024

Extra staff & Command for the Duchies of Fenwick and Noverre

 For the Duchy of Fenwick...

and for the Duchy of Noverre
All figures saved from job lots of figures I bought to go in the melting pot to cast some 40mm figures; horse are plastic ones from Wargames Atlantic.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Duchy of Fenwick - Hanover.. Cavalry Regiments...

Finally finished reworking the cavalry regiments ... riders all repainted, horses touch-in and new bases 

Horse Grenadiers  (mostly my home-casts, grenadier heads off some Jacdaw figures). Flag Kronoskaf

Cavalry Regiment 4A  (mostly my home-casts, officer & std bearer Eagle Miniatures). Flag Kronoskaf

Dragoon Regiment 8 (horses my home-casts, riders Irregular Miniatures) Flag Kronoskaf

All together ....

Saturday 9 March 2024

Square Bashing in Lower Rutenia ... Magazine Article.

The battle of Mintano with Wittenberg V Begovia from the last Begovian War has been written up and was published in April 2024 Issue no 492 of Miniature Wargames. 

Nice to have the 40mm imagi-nations armies in print. The article was a battle in itself, one of those ones which wouldn't coalesce into some semblance of order - I got there eventually.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Duchy of Fenwick - Hanover.. Infantry Regiments...

The changeover to Hanoverian units continues ...

1) IR9B Jung-Zastrow.   Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, standards from Warflag

2) IR13A Halberstadt.   Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, with Front Rank heads, standards from Warflag

3) IR 7A Wangenheim Figures mostly Jacdaw British 30mm, standards from Warflag

4) IR 10A von Post, Figures mostly Crusader 28mm, standards from Warflag and Kronoskaf.

5) The converged grenadiers of the four regiments; figures mostly my own home-cast figures

that's the infantry regiments done, work is in progress on the cavalry regiments.

Friday 23 February 2024

Duchy of Noverre - Hussar Regiment Turpin

 The first of the French SYW cavalry units for the Duchy of Noverre, regiment Turpin (using my own home-cast figures).

Thursday 22 February 2024

Duchy of Fenwick ... is going Hanoverian...

The Duchy of Fenwick is going Hanoverian ...

The Duchy of Fenwick's army has always been a melange of units. I gave them a Saxony 1730's makeover in red coats; when I added some light troops these were Hanoverian.  The basing on most of the army does not match my plain green basing, so as I work through each units re-doing the bases they'll be converted to Hanoverian units.  

A unit of jagers just needed the bases doing ... Freytag's jagers...

The artillery crew have been replaced with some new ones now in Hanoverian uniforms...

I've 6 battalions of infantry and 3 regiments of cavalry to morph into Hanoverian units, so more pics to come as I work my way through them.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Palace Rooms go 'Flat-Pack'...

 In my ongoing quest for storage space the remaining palace rooms are going 'flat-pack', to save on storage space.

I have three rooms already which are flat-pack, plus four more which are not. The large entrance hall will not save much space if flat-packed so I'll leave that be for the moment.

I did the throne room first as it was the most complex one; cut the walls to fit the generic base (this has slots in it for the walls).
After a bit of trimming it went together...
As I'd got the hang of it I did the rest; so I have seven possible rooms that can be setup as need for story line pictures and all now taking about one of of the storage.