Saturday 29 December 2007

A Super Read

My Xmas present to myself (a sensible indulgence). I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's a new edition, with a rules summary included. I would like to use the rules or those from Charge.

I decided on a little project, use 42mm figs cast from molds (or purchased), to fight out little border patrol skirmishes.

[Available from, for £20.]

Saturday 22 December 2007

Christmas Greetings

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.

I shall be doing some painting over the Xmas period and most of important of all reading my newly acquired book the 'The Wargame' by Charles Grant.

The Battle of Faffenstadt 1740 - (third Belgravian Wars)

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

1) The Wittenberg forces:

The commander of the dragoons had deployed his troops, guarding the plunder taken on their raid of Haffenstadt and was awaiting the re-inforcements who were intended to garrison the town.

Commander of the Dragoons - Duke of Escherstadt
Cavalry: Schwarze Dragoner, Dragoon Regiment No.2, Leib-Dragoner Regiment.

On the March:Commander - Major General Stauffen-Wittendorf
Cavalry: Uhlan Pulk; Infantry: 2 Line Battalions; Artillery: 2 guns

2) The Monrovian Forces

The commander of the guards sent a fast rider to the garrison at Hildaburg, ordering them to rendezvous with him at Faffenstadt.

Commander - Major General von Rootsbeer
Cavalry: Leib-Garde; Infantry: Grenadier Guards

On the March,
Cavalry: Dragoon Regiment von Stiltwitz; Infantry: Fusilier Battalion Von Bulow; Artillery: 2 guns.

3) The Battle commences ...

Two regiments of Wittenberg dragoons has dismounted and were defending the orchard to the north of the town.
The Monrovian guards arrive and start their deployment ...

The Wittenberg Leib-Dragoner regiment moved into postion to protect the town from encirclement and charged the Monrovian guard cavalry ...

During the melee the infantry and artillery from the Hildaburg garrison arrives. The foot guards proceed to flush the dragoons from the orchard, with some help from the artillery ..

The two dragoon regiments defending the orchard taking heavy volley fire from the foot guards and also suffering casualties from the artillery decided that somewhere else would be a better place to be and took to their heels. The Wittenberg re-inforcements start to arrive ..

The LeibDragoner lose the protacted cavalry melee ...

The Wittenberg reinforcements arrived and a battalion was sent forward to attempt to re-take the orchard but found more than they bargained for ...

Both sides pull back, at the end of the day neither side has full control of the town, although Monrovia has the edge...

3) Afterwards

With the light fading and three dragoon regiments routed from the field, the commander of the Wittenberg forces, Major General Stauffen-Wittendorf, elected to withdraw taking the plunder from the raid on Haffenstadt with him.

The Monrovian forces exhausted by the long march and the battle decide not pursue.

When the news of the failure to hold Faffenstadt reached the commander of the Wittenberg forces in front of Pikastrudel, it was decided to withdraw and regroup.

The Monrovians were satisfied, although they had lost supplies at Haffenstadt they had seen off two attempts to secure a foothold in their territory.
Notes: We randomised the arrival of the 'On the March' forces, the Monrovian commander had some good dice throws - the arrival of his re-inforcements before those of Wittenberg made the crucial difference. Although if the Wittenberg Leib Dragoner had beaten their guard cavalry then things may have been different. The dismounted dragoons did reasonably well holding off the opposition for three moves. Overall a very enojoyable game.

Saturday 15 December 2007

1740 - Encounter at Faffenstadt (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

Its scenario time again; further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The Battle of Faffenstadt - 1740

The day after the Wittenberg forces had made their attempt to capture the small town of PikaStrudel, three regiments of dragoons which had crossed the river during the night made for the town of Haffenstadt, where the Monrovians had a magazine. The two companies of Monrovian garrison infantry found themselves outnumbered and surrendered. The Wittenberg dragoons stripped the magazine of supplies and loaded up mules and carts; before they left they set the town alight.

Meanwhile at Pikastrudel the Wittenberg troops had crossed back over the river and setup a large artillery battery of heavy guns and mortars and were bombarding PikaStrudel and the Monrovian infantry to the front of the town. The Monrovians could see from the Monastery tower of Pikastrudel that additional Wittenberg troops had arrived on the other side of the river.

Hearing of the Wittenberg actions at Pikastrudel the Monrovian General von Stricknein moved his army up to the east of the town and called for re-inforcements. As he arrived he heard of the raid on Haffenstadt. He sent orders to the Guard cavalry and infantry who were on the march to Pikastrudel to attempt to intercept the Wittenberg dragoons.

Meanwhile the Wittenberg dragoons had reached the town of Faffenstadt, following their orders, they were instructed to wait there till joined by an occupying force on the march from Wittenberg.

A day later as the dragoons stood to waiting for their re-inforcements, the Monrovian guard troops arrived ...

42mm Diorama - IR Everfeldt

Another one of my 42mm dioramas, this time a Reicharmee unit from Franconia, IR Everfeldt

A closeup of the flags and mounted officer

Figs are cast from Prince August moulds, mounted officer is a modified Irregular Miniature one. I've got enough cast figs for another diorama, plus just enough metal left to cast a battalion of grenadiers.
I always enjoy a change of fig size and the casting process is great fun (but sometime a little frustrating).

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Wittenberg - Palace Gate Sentries

Currently on duty are some grenadiers from the Garde Suisses. A trial paint of some sample Austrian figs from Irregular Miniatures. The uniform is that of Garde Suisses from the Duchy of Saxony in the early 1740's, but I decided on Austrian style grenadier headgear.

Saturday 8 December 2007

Wittenberg - Heavy Dragoons

Fresh from their spray of varnish ...

Uniform is based on that of the Saxony Dragoon regiment Graf von Bruhl. [figs : Front Rank]

Friday 30 November 2007

Wittenberg - Schwarze Dragoner Dismounted

I wanted the option of allowing dragoons to dismount and fight on foot, useful for raid scenarioes etc., so here is the first of my dragoon regiments ready for action

Closeup of the dragoon holding the horses, a symbolic dragoon holding 2 horses on a separate stand (horses had reigns removed and new ones added to the hands of the dragoon)

[figs - all Irregular Miniatures]

Saturday 24 November 2007

The Monastery of Alt-Wittendorf

Welcome to the Monastery of Alt-Wittendorf in Wittenberg, home of Brother James ..

Brother James has just arrived back and is conversation with the Abbot ..

Some monks practice the little known martial arts techniques of Llap Goch, brought to the monastery in medieval times by a visiting welsh monk...

A group of monks near the monastery, they are on a pilgrimage, and have come to visit the shrine of St Tibulus...
[ The monastery is made up of some spare buildings on an A4 box folder lid, figs are from Gripping Beast and from Irregular Miniatures (some converted).]

Saturday 17 November 2007

The Battle of PikaStrudel 1740 (3rd Belgravian Wars)

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The preceding day had been very wet and both sides had had great difficulty moving their artillery trains due to the muddy roads.

1) The river crossing begins ...

The Wittenberg Army started across the river at Wollen aware that Monrovian troops had been seen by scouts in the town of PikaStrudel.

The Wittenberg forces:
Commander - Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel - with King Leopold III
Cavalry: Guard du Corps; Uhlan Pulk
Infantry:Guard Grenadiers; Fusilier Battalion; Grenadier Battalion; Line Infantry Battalion; Jager Battalion

The Wittenberg troops crossed the bridge and deployed slowly, the Field Marshal was being unusually cautious, he had no artillery to use and wanted to get across the river safely and in good order. He had his suspicions this looked too easy.. Where were the Monrovians ?

2) The Monrovians

General von Stricknein had taken the main body of his forces back to their main camp, but left some troops to monitor the river crossing. He had them encamped to the west of Pikastrudel, out of sight of the river crossing.

Commander - Major General von Rootsbeer
Cavalry: Sierpinksy Hussars
Infantry:Jager Battalion; Battalion of Line Infantry; Grenadier Battalion

Von Rootsbeer hearing from his scouts that the enemy had crossed the river, ordered them to break camp and march post haste to the positions already allocated to them.

3) The Battle ...

Both sides deployed ...

The Wittenberg Uhlans charged the Monrovian Hussars, the Uhlans broke and routed. The Hussars carried on and came up against a battalion of Grenadiers, a sharp volley of musketry decimated the hussars and the remnants broke and ran,

The Wittenberg Fusiliers moved forward to take on the Monrovians; the Monrovians gave a fierce volley in reponse to an ineffective volley from the Fusiliers. The Fusiliers broke and ran.

Up came the next Wittenberg battalion, again their volley was ineffective and Monrovians gave a fierce volley in reponse. The Wittenberg line battalion held their ground, but casualties were mounting ..
The attacking infantry were taking too many casualties. The Field Marshal ordered the withdrawal, saying to the King - Your Majesty we must retire, we won't get anywhere without artillery..

4) Afterwards

The King of Wittenberg was disappointed, he had wanted to capture Pikastrudel. The Field Marshal was not happy, the Wittenberg infantry had been a unstable, musketry was poor - there was more work to done yet before they would be ready for a major battle.

The Monrovian commander was pleased, he had held off a large force and taken few casualties. He wasn't happy though at losing the pontoon bridge equipment. Where were those three dragoon regiments who had persued him ? He hoped they had gone home.

What the Monrovian commander didn't know was that the three Dragoon regiments had crossed the river under cover of darkness and were on their way to raid a important Monrovian military target.

Saturday 10 November 2007

1740 - Onwards to PikaStrudel ? (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

Its scenario time again.

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

PikaStrudel - 1740

The Wittenberg dragoons shadowing the Monrovian withdrawal from GugenStadt, met up with two regiments of cavalry sent by the King to attempt to block the Monrovians from reaching their river crossing at Wollen.

General von Stricknein had forced marched his troops and crossed the river, they were in such a hurry due to the pursuing Wittenberg cavalry they didn't even dismantle their pontoon bridge. The Wittenberg cavalry reached Wollen and secured the river crossing and waited for further

The King of Wittenberg determined that such a foray into his sovereign territory should not go
without a response gathered his troops together and moved to cross the river at Wollen. His aim to capture the small town of PikaStrudel. His intention was to use it as a base of operation for further strikes into Monrovia.

Wittenberg - Guard Cavalry Band

The combined Guard bands march past the King and his courtiers...

A close-up of the Guard Cavalry Band (finally finished, they've been sitting on my painting table since August !!):

[Figs: French Napoleonic Guard Bands: Mounted band - converted Mirlton Miniatures Foot Band - Minifigs].

New for the Baggage Train

Some extra mules and some pack horses, (Figs: Irregular Miniatures) .

Saturday 3 November 2007

Duchy of Fenwick - Artillery

The Duchy of Fenwick artillery, just arrived at Tippelbruder, get some practice in.
[all figs are from Irregular Miniatures, 25mm Marlburian range].

42mm Diorama - Hesse-Kassel Artillery

Some Irregular Miniatures 42mm Prussian Artillery and some other converted figures portray some Hesse-Kassel artillery.

Thursday 1 November 2007

Inuagural Meeting of the Wittenberg Royal Society

The Royal Society of Wittenberg met for the first time today, in the gardens of at the King's summer palace. They extend their fraternal greetings to all scientists, philosophers etc of Europa and hope to establish ties with similiar groups in other countries.

The court artist painted picture of the event, from left to right:

Brother James of Alt-Witendorf, historian, geographer and amateur astronomer. Shown here demonstrating how to view the moons of Saturn (obviously he has been at the sherry again - the abbot will surely displine him when he gets back to the abbey).

Augustus FinkNottelot (at the table), philosopher, who treatise 'When is Now ? or How What is Where' is well known.

Heinrich Furbusten, Natural Philospher, specialist in agriculture, whose is currently publishing his rather complex crop rotation system.

Johann Jungmann, Chemist - often derided for his alchemical researches. He always seems to look very youthful - he says it is down to a healthy diet and good exercise, following a regimen laid down by his distant relative the Count de St Germain.

Gunther Doppelganger, Mathematician - known for his work on the alegbra of dual sets.

Georg Cantor, Natural Philospher - whose Study 'On Song Birds' is widely read.

Saturday 27 October 2007

Wittenberg - Line Infantry (IR 11)

The first of the line battalions finished.

My figs orders have arrived, another line battalion and a cavalry regiment to paint for Wittenberg. These 2 units will brings the Wittenberg and Monrovians armies to the same size; although 2 more line battalions are planned for each army; then the secondary states .....

Anyway the next thing on the painting list is my mounted cavalry band.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Uniforms of Saxe-Jarlsberg and Hesse-Limberger

These two small states to the south of Monrovia, are bound by treaty to supply troops in time of war. The treaties specifies Saxe-Jarlsberg to supply a regiment of dragoons and some artillery; Hesse-Limberger to supply two Infantry regiments. In return Monrovia guarentees their sovereignty and promises to come to their aid if they attacked.

Hedges ?

I recently got some plastic hedges, after doing some checking I found out these are Merit ones.

They are just about the right height, so I'll base them up for use and possibly dull the plasticy finish down a bit.

I've nearly finished the next Wittenberg infantry battalion; so piccy to come soon.

Saturday 13 October 2007

Duchy of Fenwick - Uniforms

Recently a small force of the Army of the Duchy of Fenwick have been mustering, some say they are troops being raised for service elsewhere; they could be troops which are going to be sent to join the League against Stagonia in the defence of Freistadt Tippelbruder. However the force is bigger than that which had been promised - maybe some other country has requested mercenary troops.

The above uniforms are based on the Legion Brittanique of Hanover.

[uniform templates from]

Wittenberg - Mystery Visitor to the Palace

The mysterious black carriage has again been seen, this time leaving the Kings summer palace.

Scene: Kings private drawing room. Enter the Chancellor - Duke Albert of Wittenland.

Chancellor: Your Majesty, I really must protest ! What is going on ? The privy council wishes to know the identity of the persons in that carriage; they visit frequently. How can we advise you if we do not know what is happening ??

Count Hermann Munster: please sir, calm yourself

King Leopold: Albert, come sit here and let us try to allay your fears.

Chancellor: I'm sorry for my outburst your majesty but there are so many rumours circulating at court. The visitor(s) always leave the carriage, wearing masks, and are ushered into your private appartments no-one will say anything of what's going on. You're not dealing in secret with Monrovia are you ?

King Leopold: Certainly not, we would not entertain the thought of talking with Monrovia, except through the normal diplomatic channels.

Count Hermann: We must currently keep the visitor's identity secret, we are in the final stages of very delicate negotiations.

King Leopold: If the identity is known before we finish, then it would be endanger the completion of an alliance that will benefit our country greatly. The visitor left today, to confer with his advisors one final time and is to return shortly to complete the agreement. You will be invited to this next meeting.

Chancellor: Thank you for explaining the situation, I look forward to meeting the visitor and finding out his identity.

Count Hermann Munster: I am sure you will be surprised at who he is and the nature of the agreement ...

Saturday 6 October 2007

Wittenberg Corp of Observation on Manouvres

The copr of observation are doing ariver crossing exercise ...

Closeup of infantry getting ready to cross the river; the grenadiers are heading for the ford, looks like they are going to get their feet wet...

Jagers crossing the pontoon bridge ..

Saturday 22 September 2007

Wittenberg Corp of Observation in Place ..

To: His August Majesty Leopold IV

Your Majesty,

I am pleased to inform you that all elements of the Corp of Observation have reached Heidelheim in Upper Belgravia.

In an initial sweep of the border area by the Uhlans five highwaymen were apprehended, and a band of about 50 brigands dispersed with many of them killed, those captured have been handed over to the civil authoritites for the execution of justice.

The Corp of Observation will shortly go out on manouvres; subsequently they will take up positions for the full time monitoring of the border with Monrovia.

I have just received news that one of the brigands killed had on his person documents which originated in Monrovia; in addition letters from Stagonia were also found. We will investigate these items and I hope that they were only stolen items taken by the brigands from travellers.


Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel

Wittenberg - Uhlans on the March

The Red Uhlan Pulk marches to join the corp of observation. Well thats the last unit for the observation corp - now I can get started on the Boldovian army corp.
figs: these are Front Rank prussian bosniaks on Hinchcliffe horses and Mirliton Miniatues horses. I used the lance down bosniak figs and bent the arms to get the ~45degsrees angle of the lance. Advice - buy the lancetop/pennons that Front Rank make - I didn't, it will save you a lot of work

Friday 14 September 2007

The Battle of GugenStadt 1740 - (3rd Belgravian Wars)

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

1) Early in the morning

The Duke of Escherstadt rowsed his troops early in the morning and placed them ready for action in the town defences recently completed by the corp of engineers. There was much mumbling in the ranks, not again, we got up early yesterday ...they complained.

The Wittenberg forces:
Commander - Duke of EscherStadt
Cavalry: Dragoon Regiment - Schwarze Dragoner, Uhlan Pulk - Zaprotsky
Infantry:The Wittenland Fusiliers, Grenadier Battalion - Von Purchenk, 2 Companies of Jagers
Artillery:2 Heavy Field Guns, 1 Medium Field Gun

2) The Monrovians Arrive

The Monrovians had broken camp at dawn and mmarched into sight of Gugenstadt, emerging out of the morning mist they saw their target. Their commander was bemused, its looks as if there are more troops there than I was told. Just then he heard the sound of artillery and one of the leading infantry columns took some minor casualties. This could be a tricky one thought the General and ordered his troops to deploy for the attack.

Commander - General von Stricknein
Cavalry: Regiment of Horse - von Streiber
Infantry:von Pilbner Fusiliers, 2 Battalions of Line Infantry, Grenadier Battalion - Von Stomnach, Guard Grenadier Battalion
Artillery:2 Medium Field Guns

3) The Battle commences ...

The Monrovians deploy, using their cavalry to screen the movement of the artillery.

The Wittenberg cavalry and jagers manouvre into position

The Monrovian cavalry having taken casualties from sustained artillery fire are attacked by the Wittenberg Uhlans

The Uhlans smash through the cavalry and career into the infantry columns

After a short melee the disorganised Uhlans retire. The Monrovians start to disengage.

4) Afterwards

General von Stricknein, having lost his cavalry in the melee and the Grenadier Battalion Von Stomnach routed by sustained artillery fire, decides to retire and cross the river back into Monrovia. The town of Gugenstadt is well defended and he dosen't want to risk any Wittenberg re-inforcements getting between him and the way back home.

The Duke of Escherstadt satisfied with how things went sends some Dragoons out to shadow the Monrovian withdrawal.


I think I made this scenario a bit too tough for the attackers by providing 2 heavy guns to the Wittenberg defenders. So the attackers got well pounded on the way to the defences, they needed some heavy artillery too. I thought that there may have been a better way to attack the town so I tried it out solo; I deployed in line rather than column for the attack.

The above looks great, textbook denied flank and attack with grenadiers leading. When they got to the defences it all went horribly wrong -- artillery fire and sharp volleys from the defending infantry forces forced the two lead battlations to rout on morale checks due to high casualties. This is about what you might expect of an attack on defences, you really need heavy artillery for the attackers and some cover for approaching troops.