Thursday 30 July 2009

A gift for the Reich Duke of Beerstein.

In gratitude for receiving the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard from Reich Duke of Beerstein, King Leopold presented the Reich Duke with a tankard

and a supply of fine ales for his enjoyment on the next leg of his grand tour.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

The King and his new coach ...

King Leopold and his family are about to depart for the inauguration of the new Mayor of the city of Wittenberg. The newly restored state coach has been made ready and an escort from the Chevalier Gardes has been provided.

A closeup of the coach ..

Friday 24 July 2009

The Rescue of the Count de Monet

A game using 40mm figs. Rather than have a long narrative with some photos I decided to show all the stages of the game which we enjoyed playing (so lots of photos).

--- 0Xo ---


During the raid on Saxe-Jarlsberg their chancellor, the Count de Monet, was captured
( see The raiders also captured his wife, who was staying at a local Inn. The captives have been taken back across the border to Wittenberg (in the southern part of the province Upper Belgravia) and are being held at a hunting lodge near Kleinhaus while arrangements are made to take them to the provincial capital of Heidelheim. The Herzog of Saxe-Jarslberg has ordered a rescue to be attempted.

Action !

Its early in the morning and the Count de Monet (in the blue coat) and his wife are to be allowed to have breakfast outside. The detachment of local garrison troops assigned to guard them is posted around the perimeter and is on the alert.

A company of the local militia is supposed to be guarding the crossroads near the tavern, it would appear they are still inside and asleep, altough the ladies of the tavern are up and about looking for trade..

The Saxe-Jarlsberg troops crossed the river Oudear by boat during the night; 2 companies of infantry were left to guard the boats. Early in the morning the rescue column of 2 companies of musketeers, 1 of grenadiers and 1 of jagers set out. Here we see them crossing a tributary to the river Oudear on their way towards the hunting lodge.

A small group of uhlans are on patrol, on seeing the approaching troops they ride off to alert the local garrisons.

The Saxe-Jarslberg rescue columns is now marching at full speed down the road towards their objective ..

One of the local militia men has got up to start his guard duty and is engaged in pleasant conversation with the tavern girls. A mounted uhlan officer rides by shouting Alarm ! Alarm !
He manages to rouse some more of the militia who come outside. Only to find themselves under attack ... The garrison troops guarding the captives form up in the hunting lodge gateway.

While the jagers deal with the militia in the tavern the grenadiers charge the hunting lodge gate and start to fight their way through...

The jagers see off the militia in the tavern and turn to deal with another company of militia who have arrived. Meanwhile the grenadiers have fought their way into the hunting lodge grounds..

The Count de Monet and his wife are located, they prepare to leave ..

The rescue column is now on their way back. The Count and his wife and being escorted by the grenadiers.

A company of Wittenberg Boritzy freikorps grenadiers responding to the uhlans alarm arrive near the river bridge; as they form up in line they are subject to withering volleys from the Saxe-Jarlsberg company guarding the bridge. After suffering heavy casualties the they retire back down the road in good order.

The rescue column has reached the bridge guard and is is nearing safety ...

The rescue column starts to cross the river bridge. A company of musketeers guarding their flank prevents a second company of the Boritzy freikorps grenadiers from intercepting the rescue column.

The grenadiers cross the bridge, the count looks round to see how close the pursuers were ....

The flank guard company makes a last stand, it is surrounded by Boritzy freikorps grenadiers and jagers.

The rescue column finishes crossing the bridge, the order is given. The charges are detonated and the bridge is demolished. They have succeeded, and make their way back to the boats to cross the river Oudear.

Saturday 18 July 2009

Duchy of Fenwick - Officers of Wittenberg Legion

The commander of the Wittenberg Legion and his two aides (figs Front Rank)

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein's visit

It is King Leopold IV birthday and also the 3rd anniversary of his coronation. The Reich Duke has timed his visit well and will share in the celebrations. Below are some moments from the Reich Duke's visit.

The Reich Duke's entourage and escort near the entrance to the palace

King Leopold and his family greets Reich Duke Wilhelm and his entourage

The Reich Duke meets Larry the llama

After a sumptuous supper everyone is gathering in the ballroom for an evening of dancing

A close up of Herr Beiderbecke and the court musicians

After the ball there was a fabulous firework display in the palace grounds

Reich Duke of Beerstein nears Wittenberg

The whole of the Wittenberg Guard due Corps were sent to escort the Reich Duke's party to the Palace. King Leopold wanted to ensure that there were no problems this time.

Reich Duke Wilhelm with his retinue and escort arrive at Wittenberg
The Reich Duke is arriving in Wittenberg during the time of the King's coronation anniversary celebrations.

Saturday 11 July 2009

Difficult choices ...

King Leopold and Count Munster are discussing various matters ...

King: I've had the Potentate of Mars crown valued by the court jewellers, all the gems are fake but it does look good doesn't it ?

Count: Yes it does, what are you going to do with it ?

King: I'll put it on display in the library.

Count: We must discuss what to do with Major von Lessing
King: Is what we discussed really necessary, such a nice fellow.
Count: He's done too much. Remember all the things he has done. It was he who released Larry the llama into the palace - he was trying to find out who was visiting when the Duke of Fenwick was visiting incognito; then he was involved in providing info and gunpowder to the man who blew up the magazine at Heidelheim; finally he orchestrated the non-admittance to Wittenberg of the Reich Duke of Beerstein. He has also been supplying intelligence to Monrovia,.
King: How did he get so far into the mire ?
Count: Seems like he had run up large gambling debts and the Monrovians offered to pay them in return for information and 'favours'.
The king sat down at his desk and reached for his folder of papers. He hesitated for a moment then signed the first paper. Then after a pause he signed a second paper. He handed them both to the Count saying..
King: Here his the execution order for Major von Lessing; the other one is a pension for his wife - she is the Queen's cousin, I will not have suffering for her husbands indisgression.
Count: Very well your majesty. May I exercise my option ?
King: Yes you may. Have we captured the guards on the gate at the time of the arrival of the Reich Duke of Beerstein ?
Count: Yes, we have them in custody. They had spent all the money they had been paid.
King: The punishment for them will be 50 lashes each and to be sent to join the garrison regiment at Heidelheim.
The next day, early in the morning; Major von Lessing has a final word with his confessor before the firing squad carry out their duty ...

Afterwards in a small hunting lodge north of the city of Wttenberg. Count Munster is sitting next to the bloodied body of von Lessing ...
Count Munster: Wake up Lessing ! giving him a shake
von Lessing: Ooh my head, I ache. That concoction was powerful. The pigs blood sachets when they burst have ruined my clothes.
Count: The drug will wear off soon. Remember, you work for me now. Any transgressions and the next firing squad will be for real, do you understand ?
von Lessing: Yes Count.
Count: We'll get you cleaned up and discuss your first mission. I have a job for you in Stagonia ....

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Whats in the bag ?

Count Hermann: What's in that red velvet bag you have there your majesty ?

King Leopold: The last of my fathers personal effects, this was found in a trunk in the west wing attic. In his later years he became mildly eccentric and took to creating all sorts of titles and chivalric orders, then bestowing them on various people; I expect the bag contains some he'd had made and not presented .

Count Hermann: Seems rather unusual, well best see what's in the bag.

The king undid the sealed fastening and layed out some scrolls and sundry items on the table.

King Leopold: What a strange mixture. Lets see, what do we have ..

The Randhivar of Kolecstan
The Bhaji of Bavindi
The Margravate of Mercury
The Potentate of Mars, and a crown to go with it.
The Order of the Elephant, but no insignia
The Order of St Wingwald and insignia.

Count Hermann: The crown is striking, looks like something from Persia. I think you better get that to the vault it looks rather valuable.

King Leopold: Yes you're right, better keep it safe till I get the court jeweller to value it. I'll get rid of the rest of it; I wonder who I can give the Order of St Wingwald to ?

Count Hermann: I'm sure Brother James would enjoy it ...

Saturday 4 July 2009

A little light music ?

I felt the palace should have some court musicians. I ordered the Willie servants pack, this includes 3 musicians and 4 servants. I converted one of the servants into a musician. To increase the size of the ensemble I decided on a harpsichord - scratcbuilt from cardboard and plasticard; the man at the keyboard is an Old Glory fig.

Next job is to paint them all up.

But first I have to finish a job that was supposed to have been done at Easter - clean my modelling desk - its getting too cruddy even for me - a late spring clean is in the offing.