Monday 21 October 2019

Ships for the River Oudear - build completed

Sterns added, plus some trim using cardboard strips
The ships have been painted a basic brown, with lighter brown for the decks. Some simple sails have been fitted using plain white paper. The stern has some windows; these were printed on paper, cut to  size and stuck on. Stern view with 28mm figs
 side on view with some 40mm figs
the ships will do for both 28mm and 40mm figs.

Saturday 19 October 2019

Monrovian Army Refurbishment (4)

Some other items that have been refurbished (mostly just paint jobs for the bases)....

Generals with aides (from left to right): Count Malpurgo Belladona (army commander), General Stricknein, General Zeinite and General Warfarin.
 and staff vignettes
Pontoon train (used by either side, so generically painted)...I've added an extra pontoon wagon (Reiver Miniatures)

Friday 18 October 2019

Monrovian Army Refurbishment (3)

Two more infantry regiments completed, these use my own home-casts for the rank & file. Officers/Command are from a mix of sources. They have nominal uniforms of SYW Hesse-Kassel: IR 2 Haudring (at the front) and  IR 4 Prinx Ysenberg...

Thursday 17 October 2019

Ships for the River Oudear (WIP)

Finally got round to building some 'small' ships for the river Oudear.

I had some saved foam style packaging that was sort of shaped right, so I followed my usual scheme make up a half hull shape template, then using the template to mark out and cut the base and deck sections ...
 the foam was packaging cut to size then stuck onto the base and the deck piece stuck on top
 then added a fore and aft deck ....
 then some steps up to the decks, a basic ships wheel, some masts out of hibachi skewers and some basic hull sides out of thin card
looking somewhat like a ship, more detail to add ....

Monday 14 October 2019

An unexpected arrival at Wittenberg Palace ....

An ambassador from Begovia, has arrived at the court and is being presented to the King ...
the ambassador said he has come to make overtures for a truce (or even a treaty) to bring an end to hostilities between Wittenberg and Begovia.

Sunday 6 October 2019

Monrovian Army Refurbishment (2)

More infantry sorted out. This batch comprise the units I retained.

Allied troops, form the Principality of Munkasse (a long time ally), grenadiers and a line regiment (with WSS Hesse-Kassel uniforms)
Monrovian troops in SYW uniforms of Hesse-Kassell: IR 6 Grenadier Guard and IR3 Von Gilsa Fusiliers.