Tuesday 22 January 2013

siegeworks(5) - all done

Nice to get all the planned siegeworks sections I need completed; I went for a simple paint finish overall rather than use any scatter/flock; firstly the gun batteries/emplacements...
I made 6 x 3inch, 14 x 6in and 6 x corner sections, some sample sections layed out below
Two 'sap forwards', left and right to show movement forward ....
My favourite, the mine entrance from the front it looks like...
But from the back you can see what they are up too !
now then onto the siege of a fortress - planning to set this in a sequence of posts wherein the Monrovian army ventures back out into the field.


  1. looking forward to seeing what a table layout looks like ...

  2. Great models, especially that mine entrance. Tempted to make my own version.


  3. Very nice, I love the chap emerging from the sap...

  4. Ditto, great work over al land the mine head is a marvelous piece.