Sunday 13 January 2013

siegeworks(2) - trial section and layout

Creating siegeworks/fieldworks is always difficult - you can overdo it and make superb little dioramic sections but then placing the figures on/behind can be tricky - I decided on a simple representational scheme of a bank of earth only made up using card, MDF and some foam rubber floor tile I had spare.
For the rear of the section I decided to make up a 'gabion' paper sheet, which I could stick on the back; initial test looks good...
Also to represent the active end of a sap, I'll have a small section with a couple of gabions and a protective mantle with a figure digging/working - trial version below (mantle is modified from a Perry amusette one) ...
I cut all the sections bases I thought I might need and layed them out on the table approaching the glacis, seems to be OK may need a couple of extra oddment pieces for corners etc
Now to cut the materials up to make the sections.


  1. Looks good! Depending on rules, you may wish to consider some shorter sap sections, particularly for the final approach. It seems that the rate of digging tended to slow as the digging got more dangerous.

  2. Your siege engineer looks like he knows his business. The fortress needs to get a sniper working on him! :^)