Thursday, 24 January 2013

All quiet in the Dukedom of Pelardon ...

The Duke of Palardon is out for a ride with his daughter ....
The Duke pauses to look at the defences around the capital city of Fausignac...
However someone else is also taking a keen interest in the defences - a group of Monrovian officers with a small dragoon escort are skulking in the woods ....
They scan the city defences making notes...


It would appear that Monrovia has designs on the Dukedom of Pelardon, the key objective would be the capital - the information collected will be used for their plan of campaign - they may have to lay siege to the capital.

Where is Pelardon ? Well its just south of Zomverre; on the south western border of Monrovia ( with the Kingdom of Wittenberg to the east of Monrovia).

The Monrovians must plan carefully, the Duke of Pellardon is the cousin of the Duke of Zomverre - Zomverre may come to there aid .......we shall see ....


  1. Those dastardly Monrovians...I await developments eagerly.

  2. Things are heating up, aren't they.

    And somewhere, plotting in the wings is vile Stagonia no doubt.

    -- Jeff

  3. Fausignac looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the plot unfold.


  4. Congratulations!
    The ensemble is very well-done and eye appealing. You know how to do it right.

  5. Great set up and exciting times ahead I venture...

  6. Excellent - let's hope they've brought a mining engineer with them!

  7. Looking forward to what will happen !

  8. I have daughter, 7, who loves looking at your blog with me because of posts like this one. She also loved the storyline of the visiting princess.
    Thanks for giving something for this "Dad with a Daughter" can share.

    Great Stuff

  9. Beautiful stuff and the fortress formidable!