Saturday, 12 January 2013

siegeworks(1) - getting started

Started work on the gun batteries, I already had one so a new one is being added - I bought some resin and metal gabions and had some remnants from an Italeri field set which I used for wooden boarding for the guns.  These will be terrained up and painted etc ....
For the first line of siegeworks I'm going to use the fieldworks I made some time ago for my 40mm figs, these will serve as the line of circumvalliation - with a little camp at the back
I'm currently scribbing on bits of paper and measuring the available space; sketching ideas out on how many sections of saps and fieldworks are needed etc. Also to ensure that when built I can re-use for other purposes if required.


  1. Great work. That keyring cannon is familiar, bought a bunch of them years ago in a souvenir shop.

  2. excellent work, inspiring my own thoughts on the subject ...