Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fortress fever (2) - adding the glacis

Having upgraded my fortress sections, I cut two base boards out of 3mm MDF, one for the main gate and the other for the fortress side....
I marked out the ditch, covered way 'step' in pencil then trialled the setup with some foam board and cardboard...
then happy with the look of it, I had a lots of fun cutting up and fixing the elements of the glacis to the base boards.
next bit to do is the defence works by the front gate..


  1. *YES* indeed! Compliments - and best wishes.

  2. Wow! A promising start to the new year. :)

    Happy new year and thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects, re-purposed bits, and vignettes and stories.

  3. Looks impressive already. I am interested in seeing how the demi-lune fits into the scheme of things.

  4. demi-lune ? later termed a ravelin - there will be one of these in front of the main gate

    -- Allan