Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fort Project - 6, Guns

A fort is no good without the guns to protect it. I ordered a couple of Eureka naval cannons. I found the gun carriage a little small so I made my own. Comparison below, my prototype gun carriage is on the right, one of my garrision sentry figs give some idea of size.

Satisfied with the prototype gun carriage I made another seven; they are all made of cardboard with wheels made from some soft plastic rod on brass rod axles.

I painted up two and fixed on the gun barrels, as you can see they look good poking out from the fort walls ....
A view from the side showing the gun carriages ...

[Gun barrels - Eureka long 9pdr; Gun crew - Hinchcliffe; Wooden running boarding - Busch HO7419 decor sheet]


  1. Very cool! Nice work on the gun carriages and great pics!

  2. Hello Allan,

    I agree! Neat looking, highly ingenious gun carriages. Modeling skills at their best.

    Best Regards,


  3. >Wow!
    Great work - compliments (if I may use the word: "compliments" reminds me of teachers or parents encouraging a child, and here, my mathusalemian age notwithstanding, *I* am the ignorant pupil, the unskilled child).
    Your complete fort will will offer a tremendously good sight! Looking eagerly forward to discover and enjoy it.
    Best regards,

  4. Very good work (as always). I'm not a great fan of siege's . . . but I know that Murdock is . . . which means that we'll probably be playing one at his place sooner or later.

    -- Jeff

  5. Looks really great - certainly well worth all your work...