Saturday, 10 May 2008

Fort Project - 4, one section completed

In order to try out the final look of all the sections, I decided to do the 'half-bastion' section.

I used GW Goblin Green for the 'grass'ed parts and SuperQuick building paper Grey Rubble Walling (D12) for the stonework.


  1. Very colorful - perhaps, if I may, a little too much?
    More precisely, too much greento look fully 'realistic': I doubt there would be that much grass at the bottom of the ditch and -chiefly- on the sides of the embrasures, the covered way, the firing platforms???

  2. Excellent! The paper stonework really looks great!

    I don't mind the green, but it could use more texture, maybe grass paper or flocking. With flocking it would be simple enough to mix in different colors and thicknesses to look less "manicured" (but maybe Wittenberg let's sheep graze there between sieges?).

  3. You're right guys the grass is too green, and does need toning down.

    I'll use the same scheme on the other sections as a basis - then try and make things more realistic.

    -- Allan :)

  4. And the building paper works well, too. I hand't thought of something like that, but I will now.

  5. "hadn't". [sigh]

  6. I agree that the building paper looks wonderful . . . and I think that the whole project is going to be spectacular once it is all put together and finished.

    As for the green, I agree that you should wait until the whole thing is done and assembled . . . then see if you think that it needs to be "adjusted".

    Personally I prefer a "solid" green to the heavily "terrained" look that many people prefer.

    My personal choice for "my green" is Ceramcoat Seminole Green (an acrylic craft paint) because it is quite close to the flocking I use . . . but just because I like it doesn't mean that anyone else has to.

    I think that it is more important that the bastion fits in with your table cover than that it looks "real".

    One of the main reasons that I don't personally care for "realistically terrained" bases is that I feel that they tend to detract from the figures. I want to see the figures and not the bases.

    Others, of course, are free to disagree.

    But allow me to repeat my main thought which is that your work here is splendid. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Good show!

    -- Jeff

  7. How about painting the covered way a slightly darker shade to suggest depth?