Wednesday, 14 May 2008

1740 - Werlendt (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

A skirmish game using 40mm figs...


While the main body of Monrovian army was advancing into Upper Belgravia, the commander of the allied Saxe-Jarlsberg and Hesse-Limburger troops, Count Pottensdorf, was given the job of following up behind and securing the line of march with garrisons.

The commander of the Wittenberg Corps of Observation in Upper Belgravia, General Waldebeck, had decided to try and get some troops together to threaten the Monrovian supply lines, he had called out the local militia and some garrison troops. The pulk of Uhlans he had at his disposal were despatched to attack the Monrovian's river crossing garrison.

After Count Pottensdorf had reached his main objective to secure the town of Ottenheim; his scouts had found out that a small force of Wittenberg troops was gathering near the village of Werlendt; to protect the supply lines he took some troops and marched for Werlendt...

'Battle Report'

In the cold light of dawn Count Pottensdorf arrives near Werlendt with the following troops: Saxe-Jarlsberg: 2 companies IR-1 and a detachment of jagers; Hesse-Limburger: 1 company IR-1 and 2 field guns

General Waldebeck, straddled the road into Werlendt with two companies militia and the artillery, holding his company of garrison troops in reserve.

The Saxe Jarlsberg infantry advance quickly ...

The local militia and some jagers move forward to engage the advancing enemy ....

On one flank the militia run away from a charge by the Saxe-Jarlsberg infantry ..

The first company of Saxe-Jarlsberg infantry reforms after the charge and comes under fire from the Wittenberg artillery. Meanwhile the second company advances forward to outflank the Wittenberg garrison troops ...

On the other flank the milita have held up the advance of the Hesse-Limburger troops but they are starting to fall back after taking casulaties ....

Saxe-Jarlsberg infantry charge the Wittenberg artillery, overwhelming them and move along the road threatening the flank of the Wittenberg garrison troops ...

General Waldebeck seeing his position is no longer tenable starts his withdrawal ....
Count Pottensdorf was pleased to beat the Wittenberg forces. This was a great morale boost to his troops as they had been lumbered with garrison and supply line duties.
General Waldebeck, suprised at the effectiveness of the Saxe-Jarlsberg and Hesse-Limburger infantry retired northwards to try and re-organize his forces for another strike at the supply lines.


  1. I'll be looking forward to them.

    -- Jeff

  2. What a great looking game! Are you using 40mm or 54mm figures? They appear larger than what I'm used to seeing. And the buildings and the coach are really nice too. Good pictures, good commentary and an enjoyable blog.

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  3. I use a mix of figures-

    Prince August 40mm (cast from moulds).

    Front Rank (from AWI 40mm range),

    Nurnberger Meisterzinn 40mm+ (cast from moulds)

    Irregular Miniatures(42mm SYW/AWI)

    -- Allan

  4. A brisk little actio,! Looking forward no next developments.

  5. Allan,

    What a lovely set-up! Thanks for the battle report and all of the photos. Great work.

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