Monday, 5 May 2008

Fort Project - 2, construction of fort sections

As it was Bank Holiday here in the UK and the weather was a bit unpredictable I decided to have a bash at some fort sections. I have been drawing and doodling plans for about 3 months, so I knew exactly how I wanted things to look. Once I got going I couldn't seem to stop - so I bashed on for a few hours today. (I hope the piccies that follow are clear enough.)

Dimensions - firing platform which is 6cm deep and 4cm high, 2cm wide and 2cm high for the parapet; 3cm wide for the ditch; with the glacis on the main gate section 5cm wide. The internal width of the main gate is 5cm.

Out came my stock of glue, cardboard and foam board. Firstly I added the glacis to the main gate section, then the gate itself.

Then the supports for the firing platform ...

Added the firing platform ....

Then to top it off the parapet ...

Flushed with success I went on to complete a side wall section using the same techniques ...

I just had to complete a bastion, I just wanted to know how it would look ....

A check that the bastion section fitted in ok with the main gate section ....

I had great fun building the fort sections today but I am well tired now. I'm off to have a rest and relax (and possibly a snooze).
I will be making a breached side section (Murdocks suggestion) and I am tempted to make some outer works for the main gate. Now I'll need some garrison troops, some fortress guns and .......


  1. A very busy Holiday, with very impressive results: compliments!

  2. Excellent start!
    Looks like the Kingdom has a master fortifications guy on their side!

  3. Hello Allan,

    Wow! Your fort looks absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to see the breeched section and how everything looks once it's all finished. Have you thought about writing/submitting and article for Battlegames or one of the other magazines?

    Best Regards,


  4. Allan,

    You got a lot done . . . and it looks really good.

    Of course, now I'll have to watch out for Murdock . . . he's been doing a lot of reading about sieges . . . and seeing your work, he'll probably be bugging us to do one.

    -- Jeff

  5. That is excellent! A very productive Bank Holiday. Foam core has to beone of the best modelling materials out there.