Monday, 5 May 2008

Fort Project - 1, initial ideas and section bases

For a while I've been considering building a fort (or part of town defences). Inspired by my Osprey Vauban fortification book (Fortress 42) - I've finally started. I set out some guidelines for myself (to stop me making something too massive), these were:
1. to hold 2 battalions
2. main gate section
3. two corner bastions
4. two side sections
5. Sections to have firing platform(terreplein), parapet, ditch/moat and glacis (slopey bit at the front).
6. height of firing platform+parapet to be no more than 3".
7. section bases to be max of 6" deep and 12" wide.

I've been hoarding thick card for some time, ready for this project. One source of card I find useful is the booards from old guide and road map books; books were stripped of the outer boards and the paper put out in our recycling bin.

After drawing out on some bases I limited the glacis to being on the main gate section with a narrow bit on the other sections to show where the ditch is. A shot of the base of one of the corner bastions:

All the bases ready for construction, the fort overall is about 36" wide at the back, and approx 20" deep.
More pics to follow as construction proceeds.


  1. Wow!

    Cool basics.

    May I suggest that you include one more wall section that has been 'breached', that you can swap out.

    This way you can have both sorts of fortress tabletop games, ones filled with scaling ladders and lots of attackers (5 to one or more) and more accurate stormings of the breach (with 2 or 3 to one odds) with less attacking forces.

  2. Good idea, I'll add a breached section of wall to my building list.