Friday 9 May 2008

Fort Project - 3, all sections constructed

After some rather frenzied activity I've completed making the sections for my fort. The fort as initially planned with the main gate outworks:

I made a corner turn and a half bastion, so that I could set up for a siege scenario, with the fort/city walls in the corner of my gaming table.

Then I made the breached section ...

All sections made (for now ?), I've stopped building as I'm suffering from 'fortress fatigue'. I'm now deciding on how to finish off the sections - to do the stonework I'll definitely be using some printed paper sheets.


  1. Excellent work. And I'd suggest getting some naval guns to use with it as garrison pieces. There are companies like RAFM that sell them separately without having to buy sailors to go with them. Skytrex-Hincheliffe make the iron carriage garrison guns, but I think they are rather dearer than naval ones. Good work.

    Oh, and maybe get some railway modellers' "talus" (IIRC) small stones to glue down in the breached section as rubble. (Although probably after you've finished and painted the walls.)

    You might also look for the spray paint that gives a stucco effect.

  2. Looking very good! You have a way with cardboard.

  3. Excellent result!

  4. another possibility for your stoneworks might be either to use plaster castings from LINKA, or to have some very thin foam (or foamcore with the outer sheet removed) and using a hot wire 'mark' the stone sections.

    This is what I did with the 'castle walls' that I currently have, though they are solid foam.

    Another method might be to make a bumpy 'wheel' on a cylinder of plasticene (or perhaps a mould form from plasticene by pressing it against a stoneworks that you want). Then coat the breastworks you have here in plaster and 'form it' using either the wheel or mould form.

    Looking good so far...