Thursday, 2 August 2012

Opposing forces deploy for battle near Ziegenfeld ....

The Wittenberg forces had reached and occupied Ziegenfeldt, however the Saxe-Jarlsberg army had now got between them and Marienstadt (see map previous post).

Count Pottsendorf starts to deploy his Saxe-Jarlsberg troops keeping an eye on the deployment of the opposition.


  1. The calm before the storm. Great looking table. - Mike

  2. Looks like time the cic resumed command

  3. All of Beerstein awaits the outcome...

  4. I look forward to reading further accounts of the battle.

    -- Jeff

  5. As this is being done as a Solo game, for the deployment I'm alternating between each side putting on one unit at a time.

    During the game I'm planning to write orders for each side; as the game may be played out over a number of days - I'll then know what the next actions will be

    -- Allan