Saturday, 11 August 2012

Battle of Ziegenfeldt (2) - initial movements

The battle commences ....
Count Pottsendorf watched his jagers advance towards the farm on the left flank, it appeared they would have to contest it with the Wittenberg King's Jagers ..
The Count checked his right flank, some movement - the Wittenberg cavalry had shifted position and a regiment of infantry was now visible....
 The Wittenberg artillery open fire, targetting the infantry on the Saxe-Jarlsberg right flank ...
The Saxe-Jarlsberg artillery return fire .... 
Count Pottsendorf kept his attention on his right flank, more Wittenberg cavalry was now visible .. 
The Count's aide appraised him of developments on their left flank - two regiments of Wittenberg infantry were moving up ....

to be continued 


  1. Very nice, sir. I particularly like your "cannon fire" smoke . . . it really "directs" the shot well.

    -- Jeff

  2. Lovely. I'm always impressed by the elegance of the look of your games. Always reminds me of CHARGE! and Brig. Young's photos. Well done. - Mike