Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Battle of Ziegenfeldt (5) - denoument..

The infantry advance and the sound of artillery fire and musketry ring out across the battlefield
On the left the Saxe-Jarlsberg troops are holding their own in the firefight and their garrison troops have held the Wittenberg jagers ...
On the right flank disciplined vollies from the Wittenberg troops are thinning the opposition out a bit, but they keep on coming ...
The Wittenberg lancers break the Saxe-Jarlsberg hussars and set off in pursuit ...
The Wittenberg dragoons now released from their supporting role move to attack the rear and flank of the Saxe-Jarlsberg infantry
The Saxe-Jarlsberg dragoons had managed to rally and reform returning to the battlefield, but to late to affect the outcome ....
All starts to unravel, the Saxe-Jarlsberg left flank collapses and the Wittenberg dragoons are busy cutting up the infantry trying to flee the battlefield ....
The Saxe-Jarslberg troops are in full retreat apart from a battalion of allied Hesse-Limburger troops who stand firm in the centre
Count Pottsendorf admits defeat and leaves the battlefield with a escort of dragoons ....

A victory for Wittenberg ...


  1. Reich Duke Wilhelm has been watching the great battle with deep interest. He congradulates General Waldebeck on his victor and bestows upon the Military Order of the Golden Crown. Well done, sir...

  2. Exciting battle , well told and illustrated.

  3. An enjoyable series of reports.Classic little action.

  4. A nasty little set-to and well done. - Mike

  5. A very well presented narrative: from deployment, to bickering upon the flanks, a general engagement, denoument and rout. Easy to follow in the pictures - such colourful and clear pictures, too. A blogspot that produces this sort of thing is always worth revisting often.

  6. Is it true that General Waldebeck asked, "Who are those smelly blue walls my artillery cannot breach?" and being told that they were the infantry of Hesse-Limburger he doffed his hat to them in tribute?

  7. An extremely enjoyable 'photo-novel': compliments and thanks!

  8. General Waldebeck was indeed impressed by the solid infantry of Hesse-Limburger, he will note this for the future...

    News of the victory is on its way to the capital...

    -- Allan

  9. Enjoyed the battle report and pictures.