Saturday, 4 August 2012

Battle of Ziegenfeldt (1) - take your positions ..

The opposing forces have deployed,
Saxe-Jarslberg at the front of the table and Wittenberg at the back; Saxe-Jarlsberg has one regiment of infantry off-table on their left flank; Wittenberg has three regiments of infantry and one of cavalry off-table behind their centre (units are off-table mainly due to my narrow table which does not give much of a deployment zone !)

Count Pottsendorf rides along the front of the Saxe-Jarlsberg army to resounding cheers from his troops ...

Meanwhile General Waldebeck (Wittenberg) watches with disdain and issues orders to his adjutant to alert the troops stationed behind the grenadiers to prepare for action ...

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  1. His Majesty de St. Maurice observes that, regardless of the outcome martial display will be "magnifique." - Mike

  2. Lovely 40mm game, and as always a great use of your space.