Saturday, 7 January 2012

Some new fence and wall sections ...

I bought a couple of pack of Games Workshop fence/walls to provide some variety in my scenic accessories. What you get in a box is two sprues as shown below..
I based up the walls and fence sections; reworking some (eg used the gate from one of the wall pieces to add to a fence section)

Completed signposts (blank awaiting naming depending on scenario)
Some 40mm jagers in amongst the fencing ...
28mm figs this time ...
Walls finished with 28mm and 40mm figs shown ..
A closeup of the 28mm's ...


  1. Nice looking terrain , have seen these at GW shops and wondered what they were like.

  2. Those do look good. I could've used some of those fence sections (and walls) in a recent game I played. I might have to look out for those next time I'm at a game store.

  3. I like these a lot. Thanks for showing

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