Thursday, 19 January 2012

Princess Elisenda attends a shooting party ...

Josep Antoni the Marquis of Rubí is invited to do some game shooting in the palace grounds. Princess Elisenda, Antoni Folc de Cardona the Archbishop of Valencia (still in a monks garb, I wonder why ?) and their manservant accompany the Marquis.

The participants blast away merrily at the game flying from the woodland (the beaters are being kept busy) ..
Princess Elisenda watches as the Marquis tries to pot some game, even the Archbishop is taking part (apparently he  used to go shooting with his father in his youth before taking holy orders).


  1. Looks like Wittenberg is showing the Princess a grand time. One wonders if she will want to leave?


  2. Quite discretely, Princess Elisenda has willingly repressed herself from asking for a carbine too --as she'd undoubtedly would love to.

    She wouldn't upset her kind hosts by behaving in a way likely judged as unappropriate to a princess...