Sunday, 15 January 2012

Princess Elisenda meets the King ..

Princess Elisenda and her companions Josep Antoni the Marquis of Rubí,  Antoni Folc de Cardona, Archbishop of Valencia (travelling in a monks garb) and their young manservant wait to be introduced to the King and Queen,

They are introduced to the King and Queen by Count Hermann ...
The King and Queen are delighted to meet the young princess and invite her to stay for a while to enjoy the diversions and facilities in the palace and its grounds, with an open invitation to afternoon tea.


  1. Nicely done - as always!

    (my word verification for this comment is "kings" !!!)

  2. Although pressed by the grave affairs leading her towards Paris, Princess Elisenda does gladly accept their generous hospitality.

    (You have me envy dead, with all that beautiful collection of figures and scenary!!)