Saturday, 21 January 2012

Princess Elisenda goes for an unusual ride ....

The court inventor Georg Cantor has invited the King, court and local notables to a demonstration of his new invention. The King has given permission for the demonstration to take place in the palace grounds. As the invitees assembled they saw Cantor directing his men unloading a number of carts ...

They layout large reams of fabric and a large basket, then connect it via a long tube to some huge barrels (which contain the new gas Helion, recently discovered by Cantor). As the numbers of spectators increased they watched the fabric inflate and then after few minutes a large ball shape object floated off the ground, held by a tether.  A wave of consternation and fascination surged through the spectators ... "Your Majesty, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen a balloon for flying up into the sky" announced Cantor.
Everyone is astounded and amazed, Princess Elisenda turns to the Marquis and can only say "Truly Amazing ..."
Cantor then asks, would anyone like to go for a short flight. There is a short pause and the King steps forward - "Yes Cantor I will ascend to the heavens with you ..."; before she knew what she was doing Princess Elisenda ran forward and joins the King - exclaiming  "I'll go too !". They climbed aboard the balloon and Cantor let go the tether and up they went. They saw a nice view down one of the parkland driveways ...
They then ascended higher and higher....
While Cantor kept control of the balloon the King and Princess marvelled at the view to the north
and looked down on the parkland below ...
After a few minutes Cantor slowly let helion gas from the balloon and they descended slowly to the ground and landed with a slight bump. The ballon was a secured and the King and the Princess and those assembled returned to the palace and talked endlessly about the afternoon's events.
It would not suprise you to know that later on in the day in private the King was scolded by his wife for taking such a risk with his life in one of Cantor's flakey inventions; Princess Elisenda was also reprimanded for her impulisve behaviour by the Marquis, the Princess didn't care as she had such an exhiliarating experience.


  1. What a beautiful ballon , were did you get it from ?

  2. Very nice all around!
    (I think I detect some handmade-ness to the balloon. At least in the painting of the sunbursts on the sides and possibly more. Looks great.)

  3. Great model -and great & fully appropriate idea to have Elisenda trying such experience!

  4. Up, up, and away. Maybe they will fly over Beerstein some day...

  5. You are truly an magician sir :)

    Looking fun :D

  6. Tidders does it again- charming- mind you I did wonder about an unusual ride.....

  7. Balloon is made from a large spherical Xmas decoration and part of a 'Build A Balloon' book construction card kit scanned, reduced and reworked then printed on thin card - other parts of the balloon hand painted.

    It was fun to make

    -- Allan

  8. A lot of brilliant ideas in this posting, Sir!! ...not only the story itself, but the balloon too!

    I can easily imagine the kind of discreet reprimend of Marquis of Rubi toward Princess Elisenda. Not only for the risk assumed at testing the invention by herself, but for his own anxiety toward eventual malicious rumours about the scarce minutes spent by HM the King so closely to the beautiful Princess...

    I wonder whether there wasn't any slight trace of a (naturally unfounded) dull jealousy behind HM the Queen's own anger... ;)