Saturday 24 July 2010

Anyone for Tiffin ?

The King and Queen of Wittenberg and members of the court are having a little afternoon tiffin....
The King's cousin Arch-Duke Ludwig having finished his cup of tea, has taken to reading his favourite book 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'...
The King seems a bit animated, maybe he's had to much sherry ?
The room is my generic room setup for this little vignette. Where do all the bits come from ? A short list of the main items
a. Sofa - a much modifed childrens toy.
b. Figures mix of Old Glory, Front Rank, Eureka, Blue Moon
c. The chairs, tables, crockey and goblets are from Eureka (part of the 18C 100CIV13-16 sets).
d. Clock, Carpet - dolls house supplier.
e. Sherry bottles made by using some modelling putty on a wire frame.
f. Large plates cut from cardboard.
g. Cakes made from modelling putty.


  1. Wonderful! You have outdone yourself! :)

  2. The Reich Duchess is so envious! She is plotting a trip to your palace, so beware...

  3. Incredible, sir. Very wonderful scene. Bravo!

    -- Jeff

  4. I may have to send my ambassador to your court. I am sure that he would enjoy partaking in such fun looking parties and celebrations.

  5. Hi Allan,

    Agreed! And the castle walls around your village buildings in the July 19th post look terribly impressive too. Please email me offline in the next day or so. I'd like to ask for your input on something hobby-related.

    Best Regards,