Saturday, 10 July 2010

Count Herman waits for a guest [Castle Bashing (3)]

Finished the house made from offcuts of a plastic castle, thought I'd use it in a scenario for one of my story lines.

Count Herman, the King of Wittenberg's most trusted advisor, waits for the arrival of a guest. A delivery is being made of food and supplies to the kitchen....

The sound of hoofbeats and carriage wheels is heard and the Count and his wife go out of the front door to greet their guest.  The carriage bears the crest of Madame de Givanchy and is accoumpanied by a rider dressed in grey ....
(who is the grey rider; where has Madame de Givanchy been; is the grey rider the same one who was involved in ''Who's Taking Pot Shots ?' )


  1. Excellent work on the building! I like the little side/tradesman's entrance and the way you did the roof.

  2. Yes, it's beautifully done. :-)