Thursday 15 July 2010

Castle Bashing (4) - Towers and Wall sections done

Wall sections and towers now finished, I put a wooden walkway onto the wall sections and a wooden floor into the towers.
The wooden floors/walkways were set so that 25/28mm figs would be looking through the gaps in the top of the wall ...
The chapel/church made form the castle parts has now got its roof on, I'm just deciding how to do the roof tiles, printer paper sheet or cardboard tiles cut and pasted on. The last remnants of the castle are now being used to make a suitable gatehouse, more later.


Ubique Matt said...

That's a great looking little set up. Very nice!


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Agreed! The sentry pacing back and forth along the top of the wall(third photo) is a neat touch.

Best Regards,


littlejohn said...

Great stuff, I always enjoy your ingenuity in making those "car boot" finds into cool gaming stuff!